Saturday, August 4, 2007

WASF, Installment the Next: Woodsmoke
Out here in New Mexico, one of the memorable sensory experiences is the smell of pinon woodsmoke on the winter breeze.
I hope the rest o'y'all like it too.
Cuz there's gonna be a LOT of it around for the next, oh, i dunno, 50-80 years, while the permafrost melts and all that peat chars under the flames of the burning boreal forest, as "civilization's" final throes exhaust the planet's last available resources, and the global crisis explodes in orders of magnitude with the addition of all that additional smoke and gas.

It'll be not unlike a couple of volcanoes erupting simultaneously over the North Pole. There might be an ice-age.

Humanity may have avoided nuclear winter, only to succumb to the older, more primitive, internal combustion model.

Or is this really the developing plot of the sci-fi novel of the future: of how the megalomaniac, space-faring humans now star-flung, during the Great Climate Crisis, pared their race down to the minimal number of the best and brightest, who lived through the mis-application of technology, and the tragedy it spawned, which their experience taught them thenceforth to avoid?
They then escape Earth, which they leave behind with no more affection than for the rusted-out hulk of an abandoned used car, and fan out through the galaxy like a cancer, carrying 'civilization' to the heathens: nobly bearing Humanity's Burden to the stars?
Hallelujah! Halleluljah! Halle-fucking--Luljah!

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