Saturday, August 4, 2007

And, lo, it came to pass that the Democrats again did yield

and fall back in disarray from the dauntless and indefatigable balls of the Tin-Pot Emperor, and did cast up their hands and, shrieking imprecations, did again ignore the will of the People--and violate the Law of the nation--for the 'good' of the State.

For, yea, 16 Democrats did join with the GOPubes to pass in the Senate of the People additional measures by which the Tin-Pot Emperor could more closely supervise the People; so better to protect them from even the threat of attacks upon their villages, flocks, and children, by the evil ones from the East.

So the Tin-Pot Emperor spaketh: "Verily, go, you, Congress critters, no matter your Party affiliation, and bring me a bill that I may sign; or ye shall linger here in DC through August"; and lo, the Democratic Congress, being fearful of the heat and vile humors of DC in Augusrt, did so oblige the Tin-Pot Emperor that he shall henceforth need not suffer the least scruple to surveille his domain and his people at his pleasure.

And it was good.

But verily, there came forth from Left Blogosphere such a wailing and ranting and commotion, it might have been thought that the Democrats had somehow betrayed the Left Blogosphereians.

Yet the angel of the Lord spake to his people in this wise: "Lo, verily, the Left Blogospherians were not subject to showers of slings and arrows, the wrath of the Right, that is launched against the Democrats when they are seen to betray the will of the Lord to make war against the heathens. For behold, in their girth and magnificence, their splendor and their affect, Democrats make fine targets.

Th angel continued: "Whereas the Left Blogospherians were pale and gaunt and gray, no fit target for the Armies Of The Lord. Indeed, only fit for O'Reilly, the least of the Lord's minions on Earth."

Whereupon the Left Blogospherians fell into fits of self- and mutual recriminations, and, in the fullness of time, they became so agitated that they turned themselves into buckets of butter.

And Lil Black Sambo, and his family, ate pancakes happily ever after...
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