Tuesday, April 21, 2015

The Bleat, # 10: Cloudy in the West? Is it lookin' like rain...

The Ghosts of Obama’s Victims: How Liberals’ Attacks on Cornel West Expose Their Political Bankruptcy

One of the icons of the "left/civil rights/peace" movement for the past 25 or 30 years, Cornel West has given up on Prez. Lowbar.
Yer cynical ol' perfesser just wonders what Cornel West actually, realistically could have expected.
PrezLowbar was NEVER, and was NEVER gonna be, the "angry Black man" who bearded the white racists in their den. He's not suited for the job, either by experience, personality, or inclination.
Did Cornel actually BELIEVE that the Owners/Oligarchs would entrust the management of THEIR investments to someone who was in the slightest bit inclined to upset their apple-cart?

I was acquainted with the fiery, passionate Dr. West back in the day, 25 years ago...
Imho: Cornel West made a crucial mistake in interpretation.
He thought the country had elected a "black" man to actually DO something, when the election was more a 'symbolic' gesture--as the immediate reactions of the Right amply demonstrated.
West thought Prez Lowbar would--and, vitally, should and COULD--engage forthrightly, in public, those issues that made his election so notable.
West's apparently been traumatized by this "failure of conscience and courage" by The Prez to use his position to abet the improvement in conditions in ALL Murka's 'disadvantaged' communities.
Unfortunately, in terms of that bothersome 'real politik,' there probably was nothing The Prez could have done to aid the needy without further undermining his already tenuous place and leadership among the "majority."
Had he actively pursued, say, programs to reduce income inequality, PrezLowbar would have been accused by the REAL race-pimps at FauxNooz, like O'Reilly and Hannity, of serving only "his people" (the "darkies"--though 60% of the nation's "poor" are white)...which criticism would have stuck, not because it's true, but because the rhetorical leverage of the Right would have planted it firmly and irreversibly in the public discourse.
For Obama and the Obots,  this presidency has been about the "Legacy" of the First Black President.
It NEVER included ANY place for the "angry, black man" for whom Cornel West hoped, and by whose absence he has been so bitterly disappointed.

Thursday, April 2, 2015

The Bleat, #9: Beckish Fuckery

As you can plainly see, Glenn Beck is back proclaiming and predictingthe impending the Gay Jihad against Christians. Beck is one of the foremost wackloon/Cristoid/RWNJ flying monkeys around.
It seems to me, the wackloon/Cristoid/RWNJ flying monkeys feel about atheists, infidels, non-believers, skeptics and the like just about the same way many/most of those same, aforementioned wackloon/Cristoid/RWNJ flying monkeys feel about brown, black, red, non-white people.
That is, the wackloon/Cristoid/RWNJ flying monkeys fear, greatly, that members of BOTH groups would visit upon them the same treatment that historically, those wackloon/Cristoid/RWNJ flying monkeys delivered unto those whom they despised--atheists and brown people--when wackloon/Cristoid/RWNJ flying monkeys TOTALLY ran the world, given the chance..
Their grip is slipping, a little. Not much. It's still a stranglehold, increasingly desperate. 
But the chance IS coming
And when you look at how much bad shit the wackloon/Cristoid/RWNJ flying monkeys are responsible for, when they TOTALLY ran the world, you begin to understand the extent of their trepidation about the future, and their resolve to postpone or forestall it.

The Bleat, # 8: Pizza Fuckery!

If I know your "faith," and I haven't asked you about it, then cully, you've said too much.
There is only ONE reason why folks publicly announce their religious affiliations: To seek, and get "special" treatment, favors, exceptions, dispensations, because of their "faith."
In light of the Indiana, Arkansas, and Georgia anti-glbt laws which rely on alleged biblical prohibitions from an imaginary, "super" being for their justification and rationale, and given that there is only ONE reason to announce one's faith, in public--to be granted certain advantages, considerations, dispensations NOT available to OTHER citizens--my deal is still out there:
I and my non-believing/atheist/skeptical friends will promise never again to publicly speak criticism, or (well-deserved) mockery of folks who place their faith in imaginary beings, "miracles," and other religious "wooo," if--but ONLY if--the god-blighted bible babblers and their smarmy ilk will forevermore refrain from invoking such codswallop to justify special treatment, or consideration, in the public sphere because of it..

Waddaya say, Cristoids?