Friday, May 12, 2017


The USofA has been in the throes of a gradual, inexorable, irresistible, slow-moving coup d'etat since the election of FDR initiated the New Deal.
It started with the effort to overthrow Roosevelt within the firstg year of his administration. Sometimes called the "Businessmen's coup," sometimes the "American Legion Coup," alleged plotters included Prescott Bush, Charles A Lindbergh and Henry Ford, it was revealed by Smedley Butler, in 1933.
The coup then went into remission for "the duration," but only temporarily, from 1939-45. It re-emerged from WW II richer from the profits of the war and eager to get on with it. The deed to the place was signed in 1947, as the National Security Act went into effect, establishing the National Security State, the CIA and the Cold War.
In the 50s, the public side was led by the Hunt brothers and the Birchers, many of whom were the most wealthy, and most secretive persons in the country (along with the Dulleses, behind the scenes). Joe McCarthy was the poster-boy. Eisenhower scoffed at 'em, but Ike was a General, not an aristocratic/plutocratic coup plotter. He was over his head, out of his depth.
They've been gradually cleaning up the details and loose ends ever since. The took over the media via monopolization ("media consolidation" they called it) starting in the mid-70s. The beginning of the end came in 2000, when Justice Sandra Day O'Connor tossed in the swing-vote which seatedEl Chimperor, and it culminated with El Douche's specious, but irreversible. installation last November.
No matter what happens subsequently, 'the Coup' has succeeded brilliantly and it won't be reversed or erased in the lifetimes of anyone alive today.
Indeed, the next time somebody starts in about how "incrementalism" never works, point proudly to the devolution of the US political system, 1933-2016.