Sunday, March 31, 2013

The Bleat Goes On: Fire!

Christic's Hair Ablaze!

Woody notez: The usual crusade of Christics proclaiming their innocence of the narrow-mindedness, intolerance, and aggresssive arrogance of their fellows and their whining, intemperate complaints about today's Google scribble, attends as you'd expect.

When the public behaviors of the professional Believers occasionally evoke a critical/hostile or even humorous rejoinders, the rest of the (lower case?) Christics" always defend themselves against generalizations by proclaiming NOT ALL of their confession are bigoted, homophobic, misogynistic, anti-intellectual, hypocritical scolds which their discourses reveal their co-religionists to be.


But I cannot, for the life of me remember any occasion of such self-proclaimed believers going face-up with one of the asswholes of their cult--the John Hagees or the Swaggarts, or the Robinsons, or the Bishop Jakes of that cult--and DISAVOWING any mutual, spiritual connection with them on the basis if that asswholery.

Which, to me, anyway, indicates that the less public 'believers' experience some ambivalence toward the extreme claims of their covenanters.As if thjeir "mutual faith" excused the excesses and bigotry of the others. It seems to me that if the faithful are affronted by the Professonal Preachers, they need to say so, loudly, and to cease attending to their prideful prattle. (I can do a little homiletics, too, doncha know...)

I'd welcome counter-examples.

Saturday, March 30, 2013

TBGO--Blaaaah-di-Blaaaah: Wankerz Onanymous

Onanymous: The Way Woody Seezit, Masturbation is an old man's friend.
It obviates all those depressing and inconvenient intervening variables to ejaculation: One's diminishing looks, declining health, depleted resources, advancing age and (consequently?) unreliable/variable libido. All hail the Sons and Daughters of Onan! Officially, "ONANYMOUS!"

No, as the song says, they can't take that away from me...

Some people really want to stop masturbating but don't know where to begin. Satan blinds masturbators from the realities of life. Here is a chart from my popular book to help people on the way to salvation.

Frankenfoods: I'd agree that a lot of people seem to be freaking out about this for a lotta the wrong reasons. I, nevertheless, do have a couple of reservations about frankenfoods.
     1) Evolution: Bio-chem is being outstripped by nature! Bugs are already mutating to develop resistance to Round-up, even while humans, ingesting the stuff with their millennially slower evolution rates (one generation/15-20 years vs two or three per year for the insects), are are effectively bio-chemical guinea pigs--eill they get sick? How sick will they get? Can we afford the damages? So the genetically engineered plants will soon be vulnerable again to the predations of pests, while we silly, simple, stupid people continue to consume what are effectively, by any calculus, poisoned products which DO NOT do what they were engineered to do anymore.
     2) Monoculture (a variant of #1): Sooner than later, the genetic masterials from engineered crops will enter the dna of the rest of the examples of their genus and species, thereyb rendering ALL of them vulnerable to the Super-Bugs that have evolved to resist the poisons in their food. Show me those problems are 1) unreal, or 2) irrational, or 3) solved, and I'll go to bed a happy boy...
     3) Smugness, of the 'progressive advocates, as in the rejoinder the Addincting Info blog delivered in response to the "hoax."
You may count me a satisfied, albeit useless eater, and valiant consumer of said comestibles upon the satisfactory answe to the first two of thoise queries being satisfactorily answered.

Details, Details:

Just outta curiosity, was ANYBODY ever held responsible for the 241 Marines and SIXTY-THREE civilian embassy personnel who were killed in that barracks in Beirut in '83?
Raygun, mebbe?
Just askin'...

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

TBGO (Blaaaah-di-blaaaaah): Prayers;

Writing on Walls:
Haha…it's okay to laugh.

Beware of that for which you pray!
From these appeals, seemingly servility, obedience and submissiveness are three widely admired virtues among BOTH sex slaves and good Christians, apparently...

Woody remindz ya: The Bosses didn't agree to these things from the 'goodness of their hearts.' People struggled. fought and died to win thhumane conditions. 
It seems only fair to me that, if some Bosses are trying to renege on the deal, some of them need to die, too. It's only justice!. 

More Injustice!

The criminal "justice" system has been specifically DESIGNED to imprison minorities.
WITHOUT the messy complications of a trial, art which they might be acquitted.
The authorities just plea-bargain 'em into prison and a lifetime of 'failure.'
This expedient fills the obvious void in Whites' socially oppressive/repressive strategies left by the civil rights movements of the 50s and 60s which did away with most of the OBVIOUS traces of Jim Crow/Jaime Corvo. The "legal system" operates as a nearly flawless instrument to impose the most odious, socially oppressive conditions on despised minorities and to ensure that they have the greatest possible difficulty in achieving social parity, enjoying their fair share of the "social goods" in their communities.
See, e.g. (for the readers out there): Michelle Alexander's book on "The New Jim Crow" and the role of the "Drug War" in these proceedings...

Monday, March 25, 2013

TBGO ("Blaaaah..."): Solar Savings Shot; Hendrix; Soul Dead; True, Dat.

What Coulda Been:

You see the problem, here?
Yes, indeed: for what we spent on wars these last 10 years, we could have made a significant contribution to arresting climate change, for example. And to changing the energy consumption habits of the average Ummurkin. And to fostering a more care-taker view of our role.
But we can't POSSIBLY do that now.
Because we spent just all of it on wars. It's gone!
And besides, it would cost the utility and power generation companies money, in lost revenues? What about them?
The logic is implacable and impeccable.

What is "Intermezzo" on Korean?

And now back to your regularly scheduled programming...

 Paralysis of the Soul:

 The control of the mass mind/mind of the masses has been the all-encompassing project, almost the sole preoccupation, of the "human sciences," the 'public relations' industry, the press/media, and public cultural institutions for the last 125 years, by my reckoning. They've gotten pretty good at it, judging from the degrees of alienation from the tools of their own power the average citizen now finds themself--if you'll pardon the horrendous prepositional neologism. Everyone perpetually plugged into their tiny, flickering screens, their dog-whistle ear pieces secured to their ears, securely alienated fro everything around them.
The latest, subtlest, and cruelest wrinkle is called "learned helplessness," a technique derived from pavlovian/behavioristic understandings and manipulations which can render a test subject--they started it with dogs, but moved on to humans, in detainee camps, and now, in this case, a whole population--psychologically unable to move. They train the subject to see every choice as bad; Bateson called it the double bind. These fuckers turn the subject's whole universe into a paralyzing double bind.
Here's a link:  Go, read it. And when you finish, ask yourself what you think they did to the dogs they ruined...

True story:

You wouldn't make it.
In my ph.d. program, the guy I'd signed on with to be my advisor took a job in another state, and for a variety of reasons, I couldn't follow him. So I was obliged to shop around the Department to find a suitable replacement.
After interviewing with one fellow, who was a personal friend as well as a prof in the Dept with somewhat similar interests, he declined the honor and, in doing so. remarked that he was GLAD he didn't have to spend any time--even half-an-hour--inside my head.

Friday, March 22, 2013

TBGO, Blaaah-di-blaaah...: Where De $$$ Go?; Laughing; Snark Supreme; Paz, Hermano

DUH! It went into stock prices, and executive compensation, and public relations, mainly.
Oh, and mergers-and-acquisitions. 
And golf tournaments, A LOT of golf tournaments, for men, women and seniors. 
And soccer teams, and stock cars, and speedboats. Operas, and symphonies, too.
Important stuff. 
And dat shit ain't CHEAP, you know. 
Couldn't have decent circuses without all that, now could ya?
No, it didn't go to the workers. But they didn't really miss it; not til  now...And now? It's too late.

A Good Joke, Innit?

This is a killer snark!@ I love it...
Joking aside, however, Lance Armstrong is a repellant, manipulative, narcissistic, psychopathic ass-whole.
He suborned his WHOLE TEAM (the US Postal Service!) to cheat along with him, and to assist in the cheating, and to dope themselves to aid the cover-up...
Unlike juicers and 'roiders in other sports like baseball, who sullied only their own reps, Lance took everyone around him down with him...And for that he deserves all the opprobrium that should befall him, and should be shunned by anyone with ANY pretensions to honor.

TBGO, Baaah Di Baaaah: Expensive!; A Basement?; The Bond of Men

Keepin' The Nigras Down:
"And worth EVERY penny!"

Woody sez: Sumpin goin on 'round here!
The reason for the vast disparity between addiction rates and "drug enforcement' spending is that the US uses drug policy as a surrogate for the policies of the Jim Crow/Jaime Corvo, outlawed in the 60s and 70s, which were aimed curtailing the prospects of 'despised minorities' for achieving parity in the USer culture.
The drugs didn't ever matter. It was always about keeping the Nigras down.
Read Michelle Alexander's book on 'the New Jim Crow."

Prez SUCKS OFF Israelis

President Obama presented Israeli war criminal and President Shimon Peres with a Magnolia Tree which he planted in Shimon's garden...Meanwhile Palestinian Olive trees, some, many hundreds of years old, planted before Columbus got lost on his way to India, are being uprooted and destroyed by The Jewish State...Talk about cruel hypocrisy!

This is disgusting, truly! Stomach-turning. Prez LowBar misses NO chance for sucking up to these ethnic cleansing criminals.
Fuck the magnolia in Peres' garden, you reeking, captive fuckstick.
Do something REALLY useful, shitheel: Go help a Palestinian farmer save his olive trees from the motherfuckers in the IDF!

 Wuddit Wuz Wuz Fuutbawl
What's fucking WRONG with these people, the narrator demands?

I can tell ya some of it: It starts with the culture of football.

Woody's been there, seen and heard (and done) it...I played in HS. Lettered (which is to say, endured; it was expected.)
And SO has just about every other "red-blooded" Ummurkin male.
Ummerkin males are drawn into it from birth, almost from the teat. Dad's wanna "toughen up" Junior! Make him a MAN!@ "No damn "pussy," not MY son."
There is NOTHING about the culture of football which is does not absolutely REEK of the sorts of misogynistic crap which--when coupled with the objectifying which is what cheerleaders are for--present the adolescent or even pre-adolescent male a template for violence against women. It's not an accident of nature or some cosmic coincidence that the perps of these events are 'football' players.
It's everywhere in the culture of the sport, from the practice field to the locker rooms, to the team meetings, to the games and the team rituals, to the pack menality of the "team" off the 'gridiron." It's about 'the team,' and bonding.
Everywhere, every act, every deed, and almost every word, is an attack on the detested "feminine." It starts with the 'dads,' moves on to coaches, and is epitomized in the NFL! Women ARE objectified, and stigmatized, and often, only HALF (or less)-jokingly blamed for lapses in strength or concentration.
Then there is the 'star' stuff, the BMOC, the 'jocks' in the letter jackets, the bullying and the overt, tolerated aggressions. Football contributes so much to so many small towns which have NOTHING about which to have community pride that he players become surrogates and avatars for the local identity. They're protected like good stock. And given lead to comport themselves accordingly. This usually does NOT include respecting women.
If Ummurka is ever going to be serious about reducing the number of rapes in its boundaries, the FIRST thing that needs to happen is the abandonment of "football culture."

Null Proc:
Google: Jury Nullification
Jury nullification.
It's the primary reason that the Obots haven't brought charges against any of the Busheviks.
They'd never get a conviction.
Do the math.
All it takes is ONE juror to refuse to convict.
About 30% of people STILL don't think the Busheviks did any wrong.
Twelve people on a jury; 30% Bushevik supporters in the general pop, means between 3 and 4 jurors would likely nullify any guilty vote.
It'd just be a symbolic effort which, of course, if the Nigra did come after 'em, would leave him WIDE open to similar charges...

Thursday, March 21, 2013

TBGO Blaaaah di blaaaah: Clouded Visions

 The Sky IS Falling!!!!!!!!!:
Ned Nikolov, PhD, co-author of the paper Unified Theory of Climate weighs in on Stratospheric Aerosol Injection insanity.
 This, at least is NOT a warning about the evil toxins some unnamed GUMMINT agency is spewing into the air to effect some arcane kind of eventual mind control.
It's about pollution. I can handle "pollution."
Airplanes spew the stuff everywhere. Hydrocarbons, which fuel them, are dirty, and seldom completely combust, leaving atmospheric residues which slowly and in widely dispersed patterns, drift back to Earth, eventually, somewhere.
Do you ever fly anywhere?
If you do, you're complicit.
The only way to prevent contrails (not "chem-trails") is to ground all the aircraft which penetrate the stratosphere and produce them when their hot exhausts encounter the freezing air of near-space.
The ones that fly LOWER also emit pollutants.They're just invisible.
So to prevent this, you'd have to stop all stratospheric flights.
Yeah, you do need to ground 'em all.
There's ov er 100 THOUSAND flights per day over the USofA which penetrate the stratosphere, military and civilian.
They're what leave behind trails you can see.
There's another 100THOUSAND flights power day which emit the SAME pollutants, but invisibly, because they're flying where the air isn't as cold.
If people were intent on poisoning us, why would thje do it in plain (plane) sight, in the stratosphere? If I were gonna do it, I'd stay below the really cold air, where nobody could see the traces.
The ONLY to prevent that pollution is to ground ALL aircraft.
I remember after 9/11, how quiet it was. And how clear the skies?
Cuz there weren't any airplanes aloft. All flights were grounded for like four days.
Go right ahead. Give it a go!
But I have tickets to fly to NCY in April, so wait til I get back, will ya? I'm too hobbled to walk back to Burque...

TBGO, Baaah-di-baaah...: Poor, Pitiful Girl; Ruck the Rich; Big Money!

Pity Party; Yer Invited:
Meghan McCain (Photo credit Kay Steiger)
We can all sympathize with poor Meghan MeCain, daughter of Sen./former Prez. Candidate and notoriously inept Navy pilot, John McCain.
Her father's got big mojo in the GOPhux, and he doesn't have any gay relatives; or non that he cops to.
So, okay, Meghan. Meghan came out for marriage equality. I'll buy that "Being a 'pro-marriage-equality' Republican is tough." It's off the well-worn path.
But what about the rest of the GOPhux Fucked-Up Index? Mebbe you'd be so kind as to enlighten us as to the "easy" part of The "Anti-choice part?" You're "pro-life," right? Not pro-choice. At least not loudly enough to have been amde uncomfortable by it...You don't mention that you're a 'pro-choice" Republican ostracized for those sentiments, one notes, conspiculously.
What about the "Pro-war part?" Do you experience any pangs about the pro-war. Pt the "Pro-austerity" part? The "Anti-climate-change-reform" part? The "Cosset-the-banksters" part? The "voter-inhibition/intimidation part? The Anti-Union/Pro RTW part? The anti-universal-health-care part? The pro-tax-cuts-for-the-rich part?What parts of the rest of the party orthodoxy DON'T make you nervous?
Pretty much ANY of those would give me as much pause as the anti-gay-marriage part. Don't the rest of the shit-encrusted baggage give you any qualms?
Feel free to elaborate, beyotch...

"Fuck You, & Fuck You, Too:

Woody'z gig and professional training is 'interpretation' of utterances, as mebbe you know... What this cold-eyed 'realist' is actually saying is: "I'll make money any way I can, and if I fuck you, your progeny, and the planet in getting it, well FUCK YOU! I got mine! Nothing else matters!" He deserves EVERY BIT as much concern and consideration as a cancer cell...

 Work, You Lazy Sods!
USers are perennially whipsawn by the competing poles of our 'economy.'
On one hand we are informed--indeed, commanded--that we MUST consume. It's a 'consumer economy, with over two/thirds of all economic activity conducted by private citizens in their daily lives. Rent, groceries, utilities, car payment, house payment, etc. Spend EVERY dollar! Every dollar you DON'T spend is a job lost or not opened. Consumers ARE the "job-creators if you don't spend, you're hurting the economy.

But, on the other hand, if you don't save for retirement, you're fucked. It is amply evident that, once you get old, nobody in Gummint gives a runny shit about you. You become a hindrance, a liability, of which they wish to shed themselves atr the first available opportunity. You BETTER save, or yer gonna be fucked.
Nice dilemma, nest paw?

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

TheBleatGoesOn: Meanings; Awful.

What is "Affordable?"
I don't think, in any ethical universe I wanna inhabit, the words "affordable" and "health care" belong in the same story, much less juxtaposed as modifiers. What about your health is not 'affordable?' Where your health, or you child's, or spouse's, are the subject, you pay anything, don't you? Any price is "affordable." You'd liquidate all your wealth for health care for a beloved. Whether one can afford it or not should NOT be any part of the discussion, imho...
I might also quibble with what it means to have 'the opportunity for a good job.'
What's opportunity?
What, for that matter, is a good job?
It seems to me pretty likely that, if we survive long enough as a civilization, there's gonna hafta be a 'nation
al, minimum, subsistence stipend."
It's a cash economy. One can't just grab one's grip and head for the territories. They're not territories, anymore, for one thing. There is almost no remaining opportunity for long-term subsistence off the land, because most of the good land now holds cities and houses and industries. SO we're gonna hafta figure out how to put enough cash/surrogate in EVERYBODY'S hand, eventually.

Shameful: Shock and Awe
Amid a whole plethora of images from my own lifetime alone, which make me heartily sick of my "country," this is one of the top three. This cynical, punitive, colonial, dishonest, criminal expedition finally drove the last nail in the coffin of my "patriotism." 
Shock and fucking awe...

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The Bleat Goes On: Offense=Best "D"; Rape; Pibbles; $20 Bux?

Defenders of Rape In Ohio Speak Out Online:
 ["Angry Businesswoman Went Mad With Hammer And Laptop" on Shutterstock]

Woody's not the least bit upset that the perps got 1) caught and 2) punished.
It's likely they were tried as juvies before a judge, and NOT as adults before a jury, to spare the sensibilities of the city, and the reputations of the DOZENS of other scions and young lions of the town from exposure and prison.
If you wanna help avoid repetitions of this scenario, then you must abandon the testosterone-soaked rituals of high-school football. That wouldn't STOP it, but it would reduce it significantly.
As it happens, and as the attached story suggests, yestiddy I was too kind and tolerant of the fucking asswholes in and around Steubenville, OH.
Put a fence around the fucking place, and shoot anyone trying to leave, as you would a plague-ridden rat.

Rape IS PART of Military Culture:

Woody's a veteran (USAF, 64-68), and I do NOT understand why any woman would VOLUNTARILY join the military.
I just do NOT get it.
I cannot imagine, knowing what we already KNOW about the military, the people in it, the culture of it, what would impel ANYfuckingBODY to volunteer for the military.
It's NOT going to change. It's not going, suddenly OR slowly, to become a place where women will NOT be assaulted by their "comrades" in the front lines. Rape is in inextricable, inescapable, and inevitable part of military culture. It will NEVER disappear from the vocabulary of war. And ALL women are potential victims.
I didn't make it this way, and I have no way of changing anything. It's just the way it is and always has been.

Pity the Pibble!

Pitbulls suffer from--and often are victims of--guilt by association.
Most communities can no longer regulate who lives there on the basis of racial characteristics. But they CAN regulate dogs.
The most demonized and regulated dogs are ALWAYS those MOST popular with scary brown/black people, and recently those have been bully-breeds.
If gangstahs started promenading with pink labradoodles, within a week, there would be dozens of reports of innocent (white) grannies and kids attacked by the "pink monsters."

Does Not Compute, Will Robinson: I dunno where they get that $135 Billion number; but $135 Billion divided among SEVEN billion people only works out to about $19.25/person, and that isn't enough to change ANYODY'S standard of living...

Monday, March 18, 2013

Memories: The 'Dime-Sized Hole'

Small Caliber:

Yer Trenchant Observer found himself exiled from some of the ":better" blogs, in the day, because I used to say, regularly, that the ONLY reason/excuse for wasting time attending to any of the Chimperor's public appearances was the (unfortunately futile) anticipation of the sudden, miraculous appearance of a 'dime-sized hole' somewhere on that blankly imbecilic, truculently ignorant forehead of his. My opinion remains unchanged to this day. The ONLY thing I ever want to hear or read about ANY of the Busheviks is how they died.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

TBGO ~~"Baaah Di Baaah Di Baaah": Deformed Reform

Deformed Reform: It's 'reform," alright.
As in "You fucked up. Now we're sending you to reform school."
You hafta understand: This is as much about keeping people in line as it is about anything else. It's a delicate balance, but they've been refining it for about 100 years, and with that much practice, they've gotten REAL good at it.
It's called "learned helplessness." It's a development from Pavlov's original insights and "operant conditioning." It works by creating unmakable choices. Double bind on demand!
It's a torture technique, another thing for which Murkins can be proud.
Look it up. I got 1.5 million hits. I cannot imagine IMAGINING that well enough to test it, and then doing it, on dogs, just because you can? That's the kinda person, you shatter their kneecaps and leave 'em in the forest for the feral hogs.
Hedge Insult

Nope, I don't:
But I also don't see any of the SEVEN BILLION FUCKING PEOPLE, either.

Big Chief BullShit! More "noble savage" codswallop.

Point by point:
No they did not "live without government." Every tribe had a council, every tribe had its own rules, its own protocols of justice and reparation. Many tribes belonged to federations, like the Iroquois', which "governed" several different "tribes" under one structure; google the Iroquois Federation.
No, they did not live without taxes. Not if by "taxes," one means contributions from the individual's good fortune to the support of the commonweal, the group/tribe. Everyone contributed some of their own to the community/collective good. They didn't have tax collectors, but they lived in groups of 500-700 people.
They didn't experience "climate change," because there weren't enough of them to have an effect. They were philosophically one with their worlds, not exploiting them.
They did have "markets," gatherings for trade among different, often competitive/hostile groups, and they did exchange symbolic "specie."
As for being "free," they lived in North America when there were fewer than 5 MILLION persons on the whole continent. A population smaller than CHICAGO, and it had the whole continent. It's easy to be "free" when there's a whole fucking, wide-open CONTINENT!
And they weren't "free," anyway, because they had group/family/tribal mores which were rigidly enforced.
And, they weren't peaceful, either. They killed one another with great glee and ceremony if the chance presented. They rarely waged out-right war, but that was an economic decision, not from any deep sense of cooperation or passivity.


Wednesday, March 13, 2013

TBGO~~Baaah-di-baah-di-Baah: Eats, Shoots & Beleaves;

Meme of the Day: I LOVE how she absentmindedly, and offhandedly compares Sen. Yertle (F-KY) with rapists. Ms. Judd has "Oves!" Kick his crusty, rapist's ass...
  • That tough enough for you?--Dave.

EXACTLY! You wouldn't 'respect" some dunderheaded dolt's belief that the moon is made of green cheese, would you?
No. Of course not. You'd regard 'em as daffy--possibly dangerously deluded--and shun and ignore 'em.
With absolute certainty, You WOULDN'T fucking ELECT them to anything.
Treat ALL the "faithful" the same way...
Folks may 'believe' any drooling nonsense, creeping codswallop, or blithering idiocy they like, as long as they keep it to themselves... I draw the line when THEY insist that I act or believe as they do.


NYT On The Bandwagon : Doncha just LOVE it when the lap-dog, corpoRat/SCUM "press" pretends to CARE!
You--all of "YOU"--don't REALLY believe that anything you or I or "we" do will prevent the oil from flowing, and burning, do you?
Shale oil IS the dirtiest oil in the world.

But, and this is the crucial part, it's still OIL.
Oil is the sine qua non of our civilization.
NOTHING doesn't need and use oil.

The ENTIRE global power structure is designed to PROMOTE the use of hydrocarbons. They are the mainstay and mainspring of our entire, planetary civilization.
So, as long as that situation persists (and it WILL persist as long as there IS any oil left), the 'global' demand will drive the continued extraction, refinement, and use of the stuff. It won't stop until/unless a substitute is found which generates power for mobile applications, AND is phenomenally profitable for the owners--and there HAVE to be 'owners,' or it won't happen at all.
So the fate of the planetary climate, and the life-forms dependent on it, can and will suck wind and pound sand for all they care.
<br />Until they can be replaced or are entirely exhausted, NOTHING done by ANYBODY, ANYWHERE, will be permitted to interfere.


Sunday, March 10, 2013

TBGO~~Baaah-di-baah-di-Baah: Wars R US! Knock Me Over; Bad Meme; Left Limbaugh?

The BIGGEST "Binness":
By the DESIGN of the Pentagon brass, there are a significant number of "defense industry" jobs in EVERY ONE of the 435 Congressional districts in the country. There was at LEAST one corp. supplying "vital" parts or services for the B-2 bomber in all 435.
Maintaining and supplying the US military is the BIGGEST employer of workers in the country.
As a practical matter, "we" are NEVER gonna get outta the "war" business...Sucking chest wounds are as Murkin as baseball, apple pies and Chevrolet...

Well, Duh...: Which is, quite self-evidently, why there has never been and likely never WILL BE "true peace."

Bad Meme A'Rising: Rank, raw propaganda.
The basic IMAGE is "wrong," is a canard, a corruption of the idea of cooperative civilization, probably originating with the oligarchs.

Gummint isn't some kind of a social "milch cow."
It's much more of a universally accessible Leatherman tool.
Humans initiate gummint to accomplish socially what they cannot manage individually; Water systems, and boundary defense, and food production, and health assistance, and shit like that.
If the icon is to be one of sustenance, it should be of a deep, flowing river, or the sea, from which all the people sip to slake their needs.
This whole image--the 'meme'-- is an element of pro-oligarchic propaganda.

  • The Cloward-Pivin strategy is working...The Cloward–Piven strategy is a political strategy outlined in 1966 by American sociologists and political activists Richard Cloward (1926–2001) and Frances Fox Piven (b. 1932) that called for overloading the U.S. public welfare system in order to precipitate a crisis that would lead to a replacement of the welfare system with a national system of "a guaranteed annual income and thus an end to poverty." More:

Join us at: Conservative Patriots of America -- on facebook @:
and also at: Patriots of America -- on Twitter @:

Limbaugh of the Left? You hear in this clip the "real" Big Eddie Schultz, the one-time, wanna-be "Limbaugh of the Left," the hectoring bully, the intellectual microcephalic, the ignorant imbecile, the smirking coward.
"I am with the President!"
As if that excuses forsaking moral integrity.
But of course Big Ed never actually HAD any of that slippery commodity, weasling into left radio when it became evident that the one, righturded, fat, fatuous, corpoRat knob-gobbler there already was was enough. What an odious prick!

Saturday, March 9, 2013

TBGO~~Baaah-di-baah-di-Baah: Little Criminals

Shameless...: Woody'z dead certain:
Trying to "shame" the gangstah/bankstahs is a futile, stupid, pointless enterprise. It cannot be done.
If they had any shame, or even the capacity for it, they wouldn't BE "investment bankers."
I suspect that at least a couple of the folks called to testify had little vials of coke sequestered somewhere on their persons, and they were laughing HYSTERICALLY, behind their hands, at the pious sanctimony our Miss Lizzie displayed.

...Fit The Crime: This exemplum of skeevy, smarmy, smirking, shitty-"clever," little conservoturd, dirty-trick-spewing dickwhistle, Breitvbart operative "Jamie" O'Keefe, shoulda spent 6 months or or so in the Orleans Parish prison, getting to know the "other" side a little better, after that stunt in Mary landrieus office. He has a rapists' conscience.
I think a stint in OPP would have broadened his his horizons (and possibly his anal canal, too), and woulda done him a WORLD of good...
James O'Keefe OWNED! LIKE and share if you agree. 

Shared at @[108038612554992:274:Americans Against the Tea Party].


Out, Out, Damned Stench: Woody wonderz, izzit just TOO overwhelmingly, painfully, obviously Freudian/Shakespearean to observe that the Chimperor's apparent "reflections" involve narcissistically, obsessively watching himself cleansing himself?
Me? I don't think that shit's EVER gonna come off...

(Albert)  A tale of two ex-presidents...

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Friday, March 8, 2013

TBGO~~Baaah-di-baah-di-Baah: The Debt Sentence;

The Debt Sentence: (Posted without additional comment.)
You're gonna pay for that Spring Break for the rest of your life...

Don't Leave Home...: Most parents will say they want their kids to be critical thinkers...

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...Just NOT til after they move out.

Discredited. ...
Throw in a "rap sheet," and a record, and what you have here is the recipe for America's permanent under-class and the "new" Jim Crow.

Pater Nostrum

Yet another dictum by which the rich instruct the poor to be content if not proud of their lowly lot.
You run into these fuckers EVERYWHERE.

Not Forgotten

"I loved Molly with a love rare and true. I had the chance to spend part of an evening in her company, drinking and eating raw oysters at a bar in Nawlins in the mid-80s, in company with a bunch of other writers and grad students...She was witty, razor-smart, and drank like a sailor..." ~ Woody NinetyNiner Konopak

Repent, Cried The Tick-Tock Man:

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Woody recalls reading somewhere that, according to some abstruse bio-mechanical calculus, mammals of our size can expect our hearts to last about a billion beats.
Clocks are just handy ways to keep track of the countdown.
(Props to Harlan Ellison, a creep but a good writer.)

TBGO: TBGO, Baaah-di-baah-di-Baah: The STOOOOOPIT!

Woody's reposting this for a couple of reasons:
1) If you want an object lesson in the ills and evils, the ignorance and imbecility, the dickheaded DUMB-FUX, which beset the polity, you could do worse than perusing the 5000+ comments attached attached to this post. It perfectly exemplifies why I, for one, will NEVER find common ground with these shit-sucking Righturds. The STOOOOOOPIT is mind-numbing. 
2) The 'argument' is constructed wholly of specious "facts" and spurious "logic," and as such is a wonderful example of how straw men and red herrings "work."
Plus, the scenario which stimulated it is false on sooo many counts, all of which Snopes has accounted for, five or more years ago. See the link, here:
I am often admonished NOT to be so dismissive of the fuckturds of the Right. They're humans, I'm told. They have a "right" to their opinions.
Which is true, I guess...
But I STILL cannot being myself to "respect" them. It's like the zombies came through and cleaned out ALL their fuuking brains with ice-cream scoops. Look up the thread. THe STOOOOOOPIT is so thick, Luke, you could cut it with a light saber. E.g.: Heath Burden, Sam Norris, Rick Penrod, and Dean Foster stand out--if that is the word for it.
Jeezis, did ANY of these dimwitz survive the birth trauma with brains intact?
Number of States won by: 
 Democrats: 19   Republicans: 29 
Square miles of land won by: 
 Democrats: 580,000  Republicans: 2,427,000 
Population of counties won by: 
 Democrats: 127 Million  Republicans: 143 million
Murder rate per 100,000 residents in counties won by:
 Democrats: 13.2  Republicans: 2.1
In aggregate, the map of the territory Republicans won was mostly the land owned by the taxpaying citizens of the country. 
Democrat territory mostly encompassed those citizens living in government-owned tenements and living off various forms of government welfare.... 
the United States is now somewhere between the "complacency and apathy" phase of Professor Tyler ' s definition of democracy, with some forty percent of the nation ' s population already having reached the "governmental dependency" phase. 

If Congress grants amnesty and citizenship to twenty million criminal invaders called illegals and they vote, then we can say goodbye to the USA in fewer than five years. 


IF YOU ARE NOT  then SHARE IT to help everyone realize just how much is at stake, knowing that apathy is the greatest danger to our freedom.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

TBGO: TBGO, Baaah-di-baah-di-Beee: A Rant; Recherchez; Sen. Yertle Prospers; Reducing!

Rant: Onward & Upward!: Milton Friedman's a patronizing fucktard who claimed he was "entitled" to HIS social Security. That said:
"Upward mobility" once promised to achieve needed wealth redistribution in the USer economy. It seemed to be achievable after WW II, when millions of men took the GI Bill and advanced their educations. Jobs consequent upon the US having the only functioning economy in the world for about the next decade or so stimulated the growth of a 'true" middle class
But reality was always eventually going to overtake the myth, and that began in the mid '70s, with the oil shortages and the reemergence of Japan's and Germany's industrial might.
But the burgeoning advances stimulated by the IT sector improved productivity, which should have translated into continued stability, even growth.
Then, however, Raygun's minions, toadies, and bootlickers conspired with the "business community" to enact the Powell memo, and the workers were left in the dust, as CorpoRats directed more and more profits into taking over the whole social infrastructure.
That job is now complete, and social mobility is no longer necessary as a goad to obedience. Now it's sufficient merely to hold out the promise of (losing) a job.
On the US inheritance tax: It OUGHT to be confiscatory, by the way. Nobody on EARTH has "earned" the right to inherit any MORE that a million dollars. That's ENOUGH of an unearned advantage as ANYFUCKINBODY oughta enjoy, given the advantages the legatee would have enjoyed before the "inheritance" became germane. 

As I have Been Saying: The logic is impeccable in its jesuitical complexity and Machiavellian results, exactly what you'd expect from a "Constitutional Scholar."
 The U.S. Supreme Court rejects a lawsuit against the government’s secret spying program against Americans because its victims can’t prove they’re being spied upon…because it’s secret.
The U.S. Supreme Court rejects a lawsuit against the government’s secret spying program against Americans because its victims can’t prove they’re being spied upon…because it’s secret.

Sen. Yertle Does "Very Well":
Woody believes one can never over-estimate the venality of public officials.
Nobody who really WANTS to use public office to feather their nest will EVER be prohibited from doing so, particularly once they reach Congress.
You'll have noticed, almost NOBODY ever gets tossed for graft or grift; only for sexual improprieties.
I'd be real interested in the list of Congresscritters since, say 1950, who LEFT Congress poorer than when they arrived...It would be VERY --even vanishingy--short...

Reduce Gummint? Yeah, THAT'S the ticket: What kind of a fucking moronic, drooling, suppurating idiotioc twat-waffle thinks, in the teeth of the most devastating economic downturn--FOR THE PEOPLE--in 85 years, that shrinking Federal spending is a courageous, praiseworthy act?