Thursday, March 21, 2013

TBGO, Baaah-di-baaah...: Poor, Pitiful Girl; Ruck the Rich; Big Money!

Pity Party; Yer Invited:
Meghan McCain (Photo credit Kay Steiger)
We can all sympathize with poor Meghan MeCain, daughter of Sen./former Prez. Candidate and notoriously inept Navy pilot, John McCain.
Her father's got big mojo in the GOPhux, and he doesn't have any gay relatives; or non that he cops to.
So, okay, Meghan. Meghan came out for marriage equality. I'll buy that "Being a 'pro-marriage-equality' Republican is tough." It's off the well-worn path.
But what about the rest of the GOPhux Fucked-Up Index? Mebbe you'd be so kind as to enlighten us as to the "easy" part of The "Anti-choice part?" You're "pro-life," right? Not pro-choice. At least not loudly enough to have been amde uncomfortable by it...You don't mention that you're a 'pro-choice" Republican ostracized for those sentiments, one notes, conspiculously.
What about the "Pro-war part?" Do you experience any pangs about the pro-war. Pt the "Pro-austerity" part? The "Anti-climate-change-reform" part? The "Cosset-the-banksters" part? The "voter-inhibition/intimidation part? The Anti-Union/Pro RTW part? The anti-universal-health-care part? The pro-tax-cuts-for-the-rich part?What parts of the rest of the party orthodoxy DON'T make you nervous?
Pretty much ANY of those would give me as much pause as the anti-gay-marriage part. Don't the rest of the shit-encrusted baggage give you any qualms?
Feel free to elaborate, beyotch...

"Fuck You, & Fuck You, Too:

Woody'z gig and professional training is 'interpretation' of utterances, as mebbe you know... What this cold-eyed 'realist' is actually saying is: "I'll make money any way I can, and if I fuck you, your progeny, and the planet in getting it, well FUCK YOU! I got mine! Nothing else matters!" He deserves EVERY BIT as much concern and consideration as a cancer cell...

 Work, You Lazy Sods!
USers are perennially whipsawn by the competing poles of our 'economy.'
On one hand we are informed--indeed, commanded--that we MUST consume. It's a 'consumer economy, with over two/thirds of all economic activity conducted by private citizens in their daily lives. Rent, groceries, utilities, car payment, house payment, etc. Spend EVERY dollar! Every dollar you DON'T spend is a job lost or not opened. Consumers ARE the "job-creators if you don't spend, you're hurting the economy.

But, on the other hand, if you don't save for retirement, you're fucked. It is amply evident that, once you get old, nobody in Gummint gives a runny shit about you. You become a hindrance, a liability, of which they wish to shed themselves atr the first available opportunity. You BETTER save, or yer gonna be fucked.
Nice dilemma, nest paw?

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