Friday, March 22, 2013

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Keepin' The Nigras Down:
"And worth EVERY penny!"

Woody sez: Sumpin goin on 'round here!
The reason for the vast disparity between addiction rates and "drug enforcement' spending is that the US uses drug policy as a surrogate for the policies of the Jim Crow/Jaime Corvo, outlawed in the 60s and 70s, which were aimed curtailing the prospects of 'despised minorities' for achieving parity in the USer culture.
The drugs didn't ever matter. It was always about keeping the Nigras down.
Read Michelle Alexander's book on 'the New Jim Crow."

Prez SUCKS OFF Israelis

President Obama presented Israeli war criminal and President Shimon Peres with a Magnolia Tree which he planted in Shimon's garden...Meanwhile Palestinian Olive trees, some, many hundreds of years old, planted before Columbus got lost on his way to India, are being uprooted and destroyed by The Jewish State...Talk about cruel hypocrisy!

This is disgusting, truly! Stomach-turning. Prez LowBar misses NO chance for sucking up to these ethnic cleansing criminals.
Fuck the magnolia in Peres' garden, you reeking, captive fuckstick.
Do something REALLY useful, shitheel: Go help a Palestinian farmer save his olive trees from the motherfuckers in the IDF!

 Wuddit Wuz Wuz Fuutbawl
What's fucking WRONG with these people, the narrator demands?

I can tell ya some of it: It starts with the culture of football.

Woody's been there, seen and heard (and done) it...I played in HS. Lettered (which is to say, endured; it was expected.)
And SO has just about every other "red-blooded" Ummurkin male.
Ummerkin males are drawn into it from birth, almost from the teat. Dad's wanna "toughen up" Junior! Make him a MAN!@ "No damn "pussy," not MY son."
There is NOTHING about the culture of football which is does not absolutely REEK of the sorts of misogynistic crap which--when coupled with the objectifying which is what cheerleaders are for--present the adolescent or even pre-adolescent male a template for violence against women. It's not an accident of nature or some cosmic coincidence that the perps of these events are 'football' players.
It's everywhere in the culture of the sport, from the practice field to the locker rooms, to the team meetings, to the games and the team rituals, to the pack menality of the "team" off the 'gridiron." It's about 'the team,' and bonding.
Everywhere, every act, every deed, and almost every word, is an attack on the detested "feminine." It starts with the 'dads,' moves on to coaches, and is epitomized in the NFL! Women ARE objectified, and stigmatized, and often, only HALF (or less)-jokingly blamed for lapses in strength or concentration.
Then there is the 'star' stuff, the BMOC, the 'jocks' in the letter jackets, the bullying and the overt, tolerated aggressions. Football contributes so much to so many small towns which have NOTHING about which to have community pride that he players become surrogates and avatars for the local identity. They're protected like good stock. And given lead to comport themselves accordingly. This usually does NOT include respecting women.
If Ummurka is ever going to be serious about reducing the number of rapes in its boundaries, the FIRST thing that needs to happen is the abandonment of "football culture."

Null Proc:
Google: Jury Nullification
Jury nullification.
It's the primary reason that the Obots haven't brought charges against any of the Busheviks.
They'd never get a conviction.
Do the math.
All it takes is ONE juror to refuse to convict.
About 30% of people STILL don't think the Busheviks did any wrong.
Twelve people on a jury; 30% Bushevik supporters in the general pop, means between 3 and 4 jurors would likely nullify any guilty vote.
It'd just be a symbolic effort which, of course, if the Nigra did come after 'em, would leave him WIDE open to similar charges...

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