Wednesday, March 27, 2013

TBGO (Blaaaah-di-blaaaaah): Prayers;

Writing on Walls:
Haha…it's okay to laugh.

Beware of that for which you pray!
From these appeals, seemingly servility, obedience and submissiveness are three widely admired virtues among BOTH sex slaves and good Christians, apparently...

Woody remindz ya: The Bosses didn't agree to these things from the 'goodness of their hearts.' People struggled. fought and died to win thhumane conditions. 
It seems only fair to me that, if some Bosses are trying to renege on the deal, some of them need to die, too. It's only justice!. 

More Injustice!

The criminal "justice" system has been specifically DESIGNED to imprison minorities.
WITHOUT the messy complications of a trial, art which they might be acquitted.
The authorities just plea-bargain 'em into prison and a lifetime of 'failure.'
This expedient fills the obvious void in Whites' socially oppressive/repressive strategies left by the civil rights movements of the 50s and 60s which did away with most of the OBVIOUS traces of Jim Crow/Jaime Corvo. The "legal system" operates as a nearly flawless instrument to impose the most odious, socially oppressive conditions on despised minorities and to ensure that they have the greatest possible difficulty in achieving social parity, enjoying their fair share of the "social goods" in their communities.
See, e.g. (for the readers out there): Michelle Alexander's book on "The New Jim Crow" and the role of the "Drug War" in these proceedings...

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