Friday, March 22, 2013

TBGO, Blaaah-di-blaaah...: Where De $$$ Go?; Laughing; Snark Supreme; Paz, Hermano

DUH! It went into stock prices, and executive compensation, and public relations, mainly.
Oh, and mergers-and-acquisitions. 
And golf tournaments, A LOT of golf tournaments, for men, women and seniors. 
And soccer teams, and stock cars, and speedboats. Operas, and symphonies, too.
Important stuff. 
And dat shit ain't CHEAP, you know. 
Couldn't have decent circuses without all that, now could ya?
No, it didn't go to the workers. But they didn't really miss it; not til  now...And now? It's too late.

A Good Joke, Innit?

This is a killer snark!@ I love it...
Joking aside, however, Lance Armstrong is a repellant, manipulative, narcissistic, psychopathic ass-whole.
He suborned his WHOLE TEAM (the US Postal Service!) to cheat along with him, and to assist in the cheating, and to dope themselves to aid the cover-up...
Unlike juicers and 'roiders in other sports like baseball, who sullied only their own reps, Lance took everyone around him down with him...And for that he deserves all the opprobrium that should befall him, and should be shunned by anyone with ANY pretensions to honor.

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