Saturday, March 30, 2013

TBGO--Blaaaah-di-Blaaaah: Wankerz Onanymous

Onanymous: The Way Woody Seezit, Masturbation is an old man's friend.
It obviates all those depressing and inconvenient intervening variables to ejaculation: One's diminishing looks, declining health, depleted resources, advancing age and (consequently?) unreliable/variable libido. All hail the Sons and Daughters of Onan! Officially, "ONANYMOUS!"

No, as the song says, they can't take that away from me...

Some people really want to stop masturbating but don't know where to begin. Satan blinds masturbators from the realities of life. Here is a chart from my popular book to help people on the way to salvation.

Frankenfoods: I'd agree that a lot of people seem to be freaking out about this for a lotta the wrong reasons. I, nevertheless, do have a couple of reservations about frankenfoods.
     1) Evolution: Bio-chem is being outstripped by nature! Bugs are already mutating to develop resistance to Round-up, even while humans, ingesting the stuff with their millennially slower evolution rates (one generation/15-20 years vs two or three per year for the insects), are are effectively bio-chemical guinea pigs--eill they get sick? How sick will they get? Can we afford the damages? So the genetically engineered plants will soon be vulnerable again to the predations of pests, while we silly, simple, stupid people continue to consume what are effectively, by any calculus, poisoned products which DO NOT do what they were engineered to do anymore.
     2) Monoculture (a variant of #1): Sooner than later, the genetic masterials from engineered crops will enter the dna of the rest of the examples of their genus and species, thereyb rendering ALL of them vulnerable to the Super-Bugs that have evolved to resist the poisons in their food. Show me those problems are 1) unreal, or 2) irrational, or 3) solved, and I'll go to bed a happy boy...
     3) Smugness, of the 'progressive advocates, as in the rejoinder the Addincting Info blog delivered in response to the "hoax."
You may count me a satisfied, albeit useless eater, and valiant consumer of said comestibles upon the satisfactory answe to the first two of thoise queries being satisfactorily answered.

Details, Details:

Just outta curiosity, was ANYBODY ever held responsible for the 241 Marines and SIXTY-THREE civilian embassy personnel who were killed in that barracks in Beirut in '83?
Raygun, mebbe?
Just askin'...

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