Sunday, March 31, 2013

The Bleat Goes On: Fire!

Christic's Hair Ablaze!

Woody notez: The usual crusade of Christics proclaiming their innocence of the narrow-mindedness, intolerance, and aggresssive arrogance of their fellows and their whining, intemperate complaints about today's Google scribble, attends as you'd expect.

When the public behaviors of the professional Believers occasionally evoke a critical/hostile or even humorous rejoinders, the rest of the (lower case?) Christics" always defend themselves against generalizations by proclaiming NOT ALL of their confession are bigoted, homophobic, misogynistic, anti-intellectual, hypocritical scolds which their discourses reveal their co-religionists to be.


But I cannot, for the life of me remember any occasion of such self-proclaimed believers going face-up with one of the asswholes of their cult--the John Hagees or the Swaggarts, or the Robinsons, or the Bishop Jakes of that cult--and DISAVOWING any mutual, spiritual connection with them on the basis if that asswholery.

Which, to me, anyway, indicates that the less public 'believers' experience some ambivalence toward the extreme claims of their covenanters.As if thjeir "mutual faith" excused the excesses and bigotry of the others. It seems to me that if the faithful are affronted by the Professonal Preachers, they need to say so, loudly, and to cease attending to their prideful prattle. (I can do a little homiletics, too, doncha know...)

I'd welcome counter-examples.

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