Wednesday, March 13, 2013

TBGO~~Baaah-di-baah-di-Baah: Eats, Shoots & Beleaves;

Meme of the Day: I LOVE how she absentmindedly, and offhandedly compares Sen. Yertle (F-KY) with rapists. Ms. Judd has "Oves!" Kick his crusty, rapist's ass...
  • That tough enough for you?--Dave.

EXACTLY! You wouldn't 'respect" some dunderheaded dolt's belief that the moon is made of green cheese, would you?
No. Of course not. You'd regard 'em as daffy--possibly dangerously deluded--and shun and ignore 'em.
With absolute certainty, You WOULDN'T fucking ELECT them to anything.
Treat ALL the "faithful" the same way...
Folks may 'believe' any drooling nonsense, creeping codswallop, or blithering idiocy they like, as long as they keep it to themselves... I draw the line when THEY insist that I act or believe as they do.


NYT On The Bandwagon : Doncha just LOVE it when the lap-dog, corpoRat/SCUM "press" pretends to CARE!
You--all of "YOU"--don't REALLY believe that anything you or I or "we" do will prevent the oil from flowing, and burning, do you?
Shale oil IS the dirtiest oil in the world.

But, and this is the crucial part, it's still OIL.
Oil is the sine qua non of our civilization.
NOTHING doesn't need and use oil.

The ENTIRE global power structure is designed to PROMOTE the use of hydrocarbons. They are the mainstay and mainspring of our entire, planetary civilization.
So, as long as that situation persists (and it WILL persist as long as there IS any oil left), the 'global' demand will drive the continued extraction, refinement, and use of the stuff. It won't stop until/unless a substitute is found which generates power for mobile applications, AND is phenomenally profitable for the owners--and there HAVE to be 'owners,' or it won't happen at all.
So the fate of the planetary climate, and the life-forms dependent on it, can and will suck wind and pound sand for all they care.
<br />Until they can be replaced or are entirely exhausted, NOTHING done by ANYBODY, ANYWHERE, will be permitted to interfere.


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