Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The Bleat Goes On: Offense=Best "D"; Rape; Pibbles; $20 Bux?

Defenders of Rape In Ohio Speak Out Online:
 ["Angry Businesswoman Went Mad With Hammer And Laptop" on Shutterstock]

Woody's not the least bit upset that the perps got 1) caught and 2) punished.
It's likely they were tried as juvies before a judge, and NOT as adults before a jury, to spare the sensibilities of the city, and the reputations of the DOZENS of other scions and young lions of the town from exposure and prison.
If you wanna help avoid repetitions of this scenario, then you must abandon the testosterone-soaked rituals of high-school football. That wouldn't STOP it, but it would reduce it significantly.
As it happens, and as the attached story suggests, yestiddy I was too kind and tolerant of the fucking asswholes in and around Steubenville, OH.
Put a fence around the fucking place, and shoot anyone trying to leave, as you would a plague-ridden rat.

Rape IS PART of Military Culture:

Woody's a veteran (USAF, 64-68), and I do NOT understand why any woman would VOLUNTARILY join the military.
I just do NOT get it.
I cannot imagine, knowing what we already KNOW about the military, the people in it, the culture of it, what would impel ANYfuckingBODY to volunteer for the military.
It's NOT going to change. It's not going, suddenly OR slowly, to become a place where women will NOT be assaulted by their "comrades" in the front lines. Rape is in inextricable, inescapable, and inevitable part of military culture. It will NEVER disappear from the vocabulary of war. And ALL women are potential victims.
I didn't make it this way, and I have no way of changing anything. It's just the way it is and always has been.

Pity the Pibble!

Pitbulls suffer from--and often are victims of--guilt by association.
Most communities can no longer regulate who lives there on the basis of racial characteristics. But they CAN regulate dogs.
The most demonized and regulated dogs are ALWAYS those MOST popular with scary brown/black people, and recently those have been bully-breeds.
If gangstahs started promenading with pink labradoodles, within a week, there would be dozens of reports of innocent (white) grannies and kids attacked by the "pink monsters."

Does Not Compute, Will Robinson: I dunno where they get that $135 Billion number; but $135 Billion divided among SEVEN billion people only works out to about $19.25/person, and that isn't enough to change ANYODY'S standard of living...

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