Saturday, March 9, 2013

TBGO~~Baaah-di-baah-di-Baah: Little Criminals

Shameless...: Woody'z dead certain:
Trying to "shame" the gangstah/bankstahs is a futile, stupid, pointless enterprise. It cannot be done.
If they had any shame, or even the capacity for it, they wouldn't BE "investment bankers."
I suspect that at least a couple of the folks called to testify had little vials of coke sequestered somewhere on their persons, and they were laughing HYSTERICALLY, behind their hands, at the pious sanctimony our Miss Lizzie displayed.

...Fit The Crime: This exemplum of skeevy, smarmy, smirking, shitty-"clever," little conservoturd, dirty-trick-spewing dickwhistle, Breitvbart operative "Jamie" O'Keefe, shoulda spent 6 months or or so in the Orleans Parish prison, getting to know the "other" side a little better, after that stunt in Mary landrieus office. He has a rapists' conscience.
I think a stint in OPP would have broadened his his horizons (and possibly his anal canal, too), and woulda done him a WORLD of good...
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Out, Out, Damned Stench: Woody wonderz, izzit just TOO overwhelmingly, painfully, obviously Freudian/Shakespearean to observe that the Chimperor's apparent "reflections" involve narcissistically, obsessively watching himself cleansing himself?
Me? I don't think that shit's EVER gonna come off...

(Albert)  A tale of two ex-presidents...

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