Friday, March 8, 2013

TBGO~~Baaah-di-baah-di-Baah: The Debt Sentence;

The Debt Sentence: (Posted without additional comment.)
You're gonna pay for that Spring Break for the rest of your life...

Don't Leave Home...: Most parents will say they want their kids to be critical thinkers...

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...Just NOT til after they move out.

Discredited. ...
Throw in a "rap sheet," and a record, and what you have here is the recipe for America's permanent under-class and the "new" Jim Crow.

Pater Nostrum

Yet another dictum by which the rich instruct the poor to be content if not proud of their lowly lot.
You run into these fuckers EVERYWHERE.

Not Forgotten

"I loved Molly with a love rare and true. I had the chance to spend part of an evening in her company, drinking and eating raw oysters at a bar in Nawlins in the mid-80s, in company with a bunch of other writers and grad students...She was witty, razor-smart, and drank like a sailor..." ~ Woody NinetyNiner Konopak

Repent, Cried The Tick-Tock Man:

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Woody recalls reading somewhere that, according to some abstruse bio-mechanical calculus, mammals of our size can expect our hearts to last about a billion beats.
Clocks are just handy ways to keep track of the countdown.
(Props to Harlan Ellison, a creep but a good writer.)

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