Thursday, March 26, 2015

The Bleat, #7: Apologetic Fuckery

Frats and sororities have always been enclaves of privilege. It wasn't so obvious when going to college/university itself was not so democratic. It's become all the MORE so since WW II, when so many of the great unwashed have started attending their colleges and universities.

There is a kind of genteel, de facto racism that pervades 'higher' class whites inna South, a kind of off-handedness about it, a sense that it's a 'pro-forma' exercise; not like the bone-deep serious hate of the yokels and proles.

The cheese-wit in the accompanying video is a 'legacy' of that system. So don't think for an instant that this little shit-stain's not "sorry" for the song.

The skeevy, whining dick-wipe is sorry he got caught.

THAT it's prolly gonna cost him.

He's sorry for THAT. You fucking BETCHA he's sorry for THAT!

Not for singing the fucking ditty, which he'd sung with pride a thousand times before, with his 'house' mates and (all-white) frat 'brothers' who STILL sing it (when they think no one's listening)...

Let the skeevy little fukkker rot in his own poisonous, bilious racism...

The racial-slur-filled ditty that this cumstain was recorded chanting enthusiastically on the bus filled with his fraternity brothers, who whistled and applauded, is in it way the epitome and embodiment of racism. 

First, it repeats the most reprehensible racial epithet with asswholish glee and enthusiasm, while proclaiming the intention to prevent anyone to whom the epithet could apply from ever joining the singer, on the bus, or ANY SAE bus, going anywhere.
Fuckery in the service of raw, racial exclusion; racism in thumb-nail. Case closed.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

The Bleat Goes On, #6: Religious Fuckery

James Inhofe - Credit: Gage Skidmore/flickr
Since the GOPhux 'restoration' in Congress, there has been a spate of nasty, mean-spirited attempts both in Congress and in the States to roll back recent gains by GLBT citizens and Gay Rights generally. A case in point is the troglodyte Senator from Okiestan, Jim Inhofe (whose family, he declared some time ago, was and had always been entirely free of either divorce or faggotry):

Sen. James Inhofe (R-Okla.) introduced ten amendments Tuesday to the Senate Budget Resolution for fiscal year 2016, including one that takes direct aim at marriage equality. According to Inhofe’s office, Amendment 381 seeks to prevent the federal government from “discriminating against individuals, businesses, or organizations based on their sincerely held religious beliefs regarding abortion or marriage.” In essence, Inhofe’s proposed amendment would endorse the idea that organizations, businesses and individuals have the right to discriminate against same-sex couples due to their personally held religious beliefs. (

Yer ol' perfesser answered the query "Why do they keep on with this nonsense?" this way:

They're ginning up sentiment among festering Fundies and the fervent legions of god-blighted bible babblers for a Constitutional Convention. The Righturds hold majorities in 31 of the 34 States necessary to demand a ConCon. There is BIG money--private, dark, dirty money--being spent at the state level to garner the rest. Which is itself, terrifying.

What's even MORE terrifying izzat the notion of a ConCon will be sold to the proles and drones of the LEFT as the way to remedy Hobby Lobby, Citizens United, etc. The naive queefs will swallow it whole, only to be "betrayed" on the end.

 That's cuz: Once there's a ConCon convened, EVERYTHING is in the table. Nothing is sacred.

 This has to be a terrifying prospect in an era when the electronic plebiscite is a real possibility. It has been shown in research that around 50% of the citizens in the USofA would NOT approve all 10 of the amendments in the Bill of Rights, and/or the 13 and 14th Amendments, now.

 There seems to me to be no way to hold a ConCon that would not be overtaken, overwhelmed, overmatched by the interests and resources of the CorpoRat State, and that would not, hence, become a ritual installation of the CorpoRat State--probably with some kind of 'National religion,' AND CONSTITUTIONAL RESTRICTIONS ON ABORTION AND MARRIAGE to keep the wackturd, RWNJ/Cristoids happy...

 Convening a ConCon would be a fucking BONANZA for the CorpoRatz, Oligarchs and Plutocratz, as well as the Dominionists...

There is no way to prevent it.

Thursday, March 12, 2015

The Bleat, #5: Politics IS "Dirty Tricks"

Sen. John Cornyn (R-Texas) says Democrats should have known about the anti-abortion language in the bill. (Photo By Bill Clark/CQ Roll Call)

Apparently some Wascawy Wepubwican Wabbit "covertly" inserted anti-abortion language into a Senate bill supposed only and innocently to address human trafficking*. 

And Yer Ol' Perfesser, along with a considerable percent of the leftish commentariat, is SHOCKED, as you might imagine. SHOCKED. Claude Rains has nothing on ME!

Is NOTHING sacred? (Clutches pearls, struggles to untwist undergarments; fails)

Please? Someone? Anyone?

Would SOMEONE explain to me why the Obots and or the DIMS had expected the GOPhux would suddenly start to "play fair" on anything? 

Ancient Maxim: Expect the worst, and seldom be disappointed...

Ror at LEAST the last 40 years, their covert and defining goal was NEVER to govern.

Their goal HAS BEEN to make the merest idea of government as detestable as they can make it.

They WANT to alienate you from your popular sovereignty, from even these faint, archaic vestiges of your representative democracy.


It's been in the open since the Raygoons in the 80s.

Remember the "Nine Words": "I'm from the Govt and I'm here to help."

That was the start, 30 years ago.

Their goal isn't to govern. It's NEVER been to govern.

It's to show that 'democratic government' cannot succeed.

It's to alienate the people from the only agency that can protect them from power of concentrated Capital.

It's to disable and delegitimize  the institutions, instruments and precedents that have kept the Ravishers in check at all over the last 150 years.

The good news is, they're almost finished.

Just one more step:

They want the people to become so sick of it all that they can sell 'em all, right and left, on a Constitutional Convention, which, of course, the Oligarchs, Plutocrats, and Aristos will own, lock, stock and barrel, and will control and direct and programme, just like any OTHER political convention wherein the outcome is already known. (Agan, pro wrasslin comes to mind...)

Then: Enter "The Corporate State," with no persky civil rights, no inefficient environmental protections, no expensive workers' rights, and --to placate the armed wing of the cult--no abortion, no gay marriage, and an official state religion. 

Are you ready?

Better be; cuz they are...


Tuesday, March 10, 2015

The Bleat, #4: Uses of Power


Woody's been hearing lotso folks (civics-deprived, I'd judge) wonder what gives the Senatorial GOPhux the 'right' to intrude in the Iranian negotiations, to shove their oar in there to try to fuck up the pending arrangements.

It's an ancient principle in law, going back to Hamurabi, probably. to wit:

When one has power, one CAN do anything that no one can STOP one from doing: That which is not specifically prohibited is permitted.

It's always been this way. It has always been possible to usurp the power of the people.

It's just that until now, nobody had the political cover to do it.

There were gentleman's agreements--handshakes among equals-- that prevented such overreaching.

Now, with the "First Black president" in office, that cover --the embedded and inextricable racism of the USer people-- has thoughtfully been provided.

The GOPhux clearly believe that there is no sufficient, countervailing political force to oppose them.
And there is none.

There are no laws forbidding what they are doing, which is mainly fully and selfishly availing themselves of everything their heir power supplies them. GOPhux've been demonstrating that, successfully, at every opportunity, since 1981.

So here's the dilemma: Prez Lowbar--a black, as you recall-- is NOT gonna send in the US marshals to arrest the hierarchy of the White People's party. Nagahapun. He won't/can't for so many reasons it would exhaust the rest of the day explaining them, so take my word for it...The Dims in Congress don't have the majorities they need to be able to show even a simulacrum of a spine and resist the GOPhux. The Dims just don't have the status for it.

Also, of course, the Judiciary is split 5-4 for the CorpoRatz, Dominionists, and Big Money Despite their shameless fawning, the Oligarchs STILL regard the Dims with contempt, and support the GOPhux efforts to use racism to camouflage their true agenda: the final elimination of popular sovereignty and democratic self-government...

Their NEXT step, after capturing the legislatures of just THREE more states, is a constitutional convention to inscribe that agenda into law: mebbe as early as sometime in 2017.

The GOPhux couldn't pull this off unless Prez Lowbar was the weakest president in recent history. But he is, so they can...And will continue to do so...until somebody stops 'em; but nobody's gonna do that...