Thursday, March 26, 2015

The Bleat, #7: Apologetic Fuckery

Frats and sororities have always been enclaves of privilege. It wasn't so obvious when going to college/university itself was not so democratic. It's become all the MORE so since WW II, when so many of the great unwashed have started attending their colleges and universities.

There is a kind of genteel, de facto racism that pervades 'higher' class whites inna South, a kind of off-handedness about it, a sense that it's a 'pro-forma' exercise; not like the bone-deep serious hate of the yokels and proles.

The cheese-wit in the accompanying video is a 'legacy' of that system. So don't think for an instant that this little shit-stain's not "sorry" for the song.

The skeevy, whining dick-wipe is sorry he got caught.

THAT it's prolly gonna cost him.

He's sorry for THAT. You fucking BETCHA he's sorry for THAT!

Not for singing the fucking ditty, which he'd sung with pride a thousand times before, with his 'house' mates and (all-white) frat 'brothers' who STILL sing it (when they think no one's listening)...

Let the skeevy little fukkker rot in his own poisonous, bilious racism...

The racial-slur-filled ditty that this cumstain was recorded chanting enthusiastically on the bus filled with his fraternity brothers, who whistled and applauded, is in it way the epitome and embodiment of racism. 

First, it repeats the most reprehensible racial epithet with asswholish glee and enthusiasm, while proclaiming the intention to prevent anyone to whom the epithet could apply from ever joining the singer, on the bus, or ANY SAE bus, going anywhere.
Fuckery in the service of raw, racial exclusion; racism in thumb-nail. Case closed.

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