Tuesday, March 10, 2015

The Bleat, #4: Uses of Power


Woody's been hearing lotso folks (civics-deprived, I'd judge) wonder what gives the Senatorial GOPhux the 'right' to intrude in the Iranian negotiations, to shove their oar in there to try to fuck up the pending arrangements.

It's an ancient principle in law, going back to Hamurabi, probably. to wit:

When one has power, one CAN do anything that no one can STOP one from doing: That which is not specifically prohibited is permitted.

It's always been this way. It has always been possible to usurp the power of the people.

It's just that until now, nobody had the political cover to do it.

There were gentleman's agreements--handshakes among equals-- that prevented such overreaching.

Now, with the "First Black president" in office, that cover --the embedded and inextricable racism of the USer people-- has thoughtfully been provided.

The GOPhux clearly believe that there is no sufficient, countervailing political force to oppose them.
And there is none.

There are no laws forbidding what they are doing, which is mainly fully and selfishly availing themselves of everything their heir power supplies them. GOPhux've been demonstrating that, successfully, at every opportunity, since 1981.

So here's the dilemma: Prez Lowbar--a black, as you recall-- is NOT gonna send in the US marshals to arrest the hierarchy of the White People's party. Nagahapun. He won't/can't for so many reasons it would exhaust the rest of the day explaining them, so take my word for it...The Dims in Congress don't have the majorities they need to be able to show even a simulacrum of a spine and resist the GOPhux. The Dims just don't have the status for it.

Also, of course, the Judiciary is split 5-4 for the CorpoRatz, Dominionists, and Big Money Despite their shameless fawning, the Oligarchs STILL regard the Dims with contempt, and support the GOPhux efforts to use racism to camouflage their true agenda: the final elimination of popular sovereignty and democratic self-government...

Their NEXT step, after capturing the legislatures of just THREE more states, is a constitutional convention to inscribe that agenda into law: mebbe as early as sometime in 2017.

The GOPhux couldn't pull this off unless Prez Lowbar was the weakest president in recent history. But he is, so they can...And will continue to do so...until somebody stops 'em; but nobody's gonna do that...

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