Friday, April 23, 2010

Chomsky (who is over 80, now) on "Liberal Disillusionment with Obama"

There is plenty about which to be disillusioned:
Noam Chomsky on the consequences of liberal disillusionment with the Obama administration and a deliberately uninformed American populace.

From the question and answer session of a lecture given at Boston University on December 8, 2009, the entirety of which can be seen here:

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Join Fuzzy, the Conciliation Caterpillar, as he tries to discover a 'principle' that Shamwow WOULD defend.

Take a look at the two (or more) Obamas and pick your favorite! Join Fuzzy the Conciliation Caterpillar in investigating Obama's record. At least one Obama is always right! Dig deeper into his record on gay marriage, terrorism, civil liberties and more! A political animation by Mark Fiore.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

John Bonifaz and Laura Flanders on the Corporate Supreme Court

At the 10:22 point in this video, GRIT tv host Laura Flanders takes up the topic of the Supreme Court, corporate power, and the "Citizens United" ruling. Guest John Bonifaz, the director of Free Speech for People discusses the results we're already seeing from that ruling, how it impacts corporations, unions, and real flesh-and-blood people, (including how it has already impacted our thinking) and what needs to be done.

Bonifaz explains how we can amend the Constitution to reclaim our first amendment, and the kind of popular movement that will be required to do it. He describes what people are doing at the local level in their free time to advance this agenda.
The only problem is, of course, that amending the Constitution is a long, arduous, and ultimately uncertain proposition. Remember the ERA?

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Chris Hedges: The US Government Is “Inverted Totalitarianism”

Recently, journalist Chris Hedges was interviewed by “Russia Today”, the video of which is presented here. The substance of Hedges’s discussion regards how the United States has evolved into a form of what Sheldon Wollin calls “inverted totalitarianism”. He also discusses the inevitable collapse of the US infrastructure, as well as Obama’s uselessness as a “political brand”.

In a recent article, “Democracy in America is a Useful Fiction”, Hedges defines “inverted totalitarianism”:
“Inverted totalitarianism represents “the political coming of age of corporate power and the political demobilization of the citizenry [...] Inverted totalitarianism differs from classical forms of totalitarianism, which revolve around a demagogue or charismatic leader, and finds its expression in the anonymity of the corporate state. The corporate forces behind inverted totalitarianism do not, as classical totalitarian movements do, boast of replacing decaying structures with a new, revolutionary structure. They purport to honor electoral politics, freedom and the Constitution. But they so corrupt and manipulate the levers of power as to make democracy impossible.”

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Fair Use: Vet Services Report Increasing Calls To Suicide Hotline

The number for the suicide hot line is 1-800 273-TALK. Press 1 for vets.

KOAT TV: Calls To Suicide Hot Line On the Rise

More Veterans Seeking Help By Calling Hot Line

POSTED: 9:04 pm MDT April 7, 2010
UPDATED: 11:48 pm MDT April 7, 2010


New Mexico Department of Veteran's Services Dr. Brenda Mayne said that calls to the suicide hot line have been non-stop.

"People are calling just for support right then and there because of a bad nightmare or a flashback, something related to their service, and they want someone who understands to listen," said Mayne.

Statistics show the need for that support has risen in the past three months.
According to the New Mexico VA hospital, for all of 2009 they received about 2,000 calls. From January to March of this year, the hot line has already received 2,000 calls.

Mayne contributes the increase in calls to the rise of side effects from the war. From post traumatic stress disorder and violent flashbacks, to general inquiries about VA services.

"It's a growing population how many soldiers from Afghanistan to Iraq, a million-and-a-half I think, and they have to come home," said Mayne.

Earlier this year, soldier Kenneth Ellis was shot by police after he refused to put down his gun. There was no report showing that Ellis was suicidal. His family told Action 7 News that he suffered from post traumatic stress disorder and had not been the same after returning from Iraq.

Officials said that having an 800 number in place for vets to combat problems like suicide is important, especially since vets are twice as likely to commit suicide than civilians.

The number for the suicide hot line is 1-800 273-TALK. Press 1 for vets.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

FAIR Challenges CBS To Televise Rebuke of Michelle Bachmann's lies on Face The Nation Last Week.

Speaking of 'weak,' that would be Bob Schieffer, who sat silently by while the ditz from Minnesota, Michelle Bachmann (R-Fucktardville) strewed lies about the set like decomposing tampons. FAIR (Fairness & Accuracy in Reporting) enquired politely whether or not CBS or Schieffer were televise the 'correction' Schieffer timidly published oh the CBS blog.

Will Face the Nation Factcheck Guest's Healthcare Lies?
04/01/2010 by Julie Hollar
Republican Rep. Michelle Bachmann made two false claims about healthcare on CBS's Face the Nation last Sunday that went unchallenged by host Bob Schieffer. CBS did, however, post an article on their website challenging her claims. FAIR has a new action alert encouraging Face the Nation to debunk Bachmann's lies on its upcoming April 4 broadcast. Read the alert here and post your letters to CBS below.
I didn't have to asked twice; herewith, my response:
Dear CBS

As you well know, by now, Michelle Bachmann is a wacktard fuckloon. Which is okay, since one supposes even wacktard fuckloons should be represented in Congress, considering the numbers of them which parade their ignoraqnce at almost any and evdery occasion. Her popularity testifies to the size of the wacktrd/fuckloon constituency, and CBS should be commended for its open-mindedness.

That said, CBS anchor Bob (Friend of Bush) Shieffer permitted a couple of Bachmann 's real waacktard/fuckloon holwers to go unrebutted in the segment in which she appeared on 3/28. I have looked at video of her, and of her 'followers,' and I can understand why Shieffer, an aging, careful, comfortably corrupt man, might eschew outright confrontation with a demonstrated Wacktard/fuckloon eminence on national tv. To your organization's semi-credit, you did post refutations of her assertions on a blog.

And I suppose it is ingrateful of me to find that reply to be unsatisfactory, but I do.

It seems to me that, as long as neither Bachmann nor any of her wacktard/fuckloon constituency will be present to threaten either physical or psychic damage, you would be serving the interests of your viewers if you were to repeat *on the air* the refutations you published so obscurely earlier this week.

I am in absolutely no doubt as to your response to this missive: you'll utterly ignore it. In this way, our transaction will epitomize the relation between the modern 'press' and the citizens it is supposed to inform, and will serve as an apt object lesson for those who still tremble at the possibility of their own agency, evanescent ande ephemeral as it is.

Sincerely, one former newsman to another...