Saturday, April 3, 2010

FAIR Challenges CBS To Televise Rebuke of Michelle Bachmann's lies on Face The Nation Last Week.

Speaking of 'weak,' that would be Bob Schieffer, who sat silently by while the ditz from Minnesota, Michelle Bachmann (R-Fucktardville) strewed lies about the set like decomposing tampons. FAIR (Fairness & Accuracy in Reporting) enquired politely whether or not CBS or Schieffer were televise the 'correction' Schieffer timidly published oh the CBS blog.

Will Face the Nation Factcheck Guest's Healthcare Lies?
04/01/2010 by Julie Hollar
Republican Rep. Michelle Bachmann made two false claims about healthcare on CBS's Face the Nation last Sunday that went unchallenged by host Bob Schieffer. CBS did, however, post an article on their website challenging her claims. FAIR has a new action alert encouraging Face the Nation to debunk Bachmann's lies on its upcoming April 4 broadcast. Read the alert here and post your letters to CBS below.
I didn't have to asked twice; herewith, my response:
Dear CBS

As you well know, by now, Michelle Bachmann is a wacktard fuckloon. Which is okay, since one supposes even wacktard fuckloons should be represented in Congress, considering the numbers of them which parade their ignoraqnce at almost any and evdery occasion. Her popularity testifies to the size of the wacktrd/fuckloon constituency, and CBS should be commended for its open-mindedness.

That said, CBS anchor Bob (Friend of Bush) Shieffer permitted a couple of Bachmann 's real waacktard/fuckloon holwers to go unrebutted in the segment in which she appeared on 3/28. I have looked at video of her, and of her 'followers,' and I can understand why Shieffer, an aging, careful, comfortably corrupt man, might eschew outright confrontation with a demonstrated Wacktard/fuckloon eminence on national tv. To your organization's semi-credit, you did post refutations of her assertions on a blog.

And I suppose it is ingrateful of me to find that reply to be unsatisfactory, but I do.

It seems to me that, as long as neither Bachmann nor any of her wacktard/fuckloon constituency will be present to threaten either physical or psychic damage, you would be serving the interests of your viewers if you were to repeat *on the air* the refutations you published so obscurely earlier this week.

I am in absolutely no doubt as to your response to this missive: you'll utterly ignore it. In this way, our transaction will epitomize the relation between the modern 'press' and the citizens it is supposed to inform, and will serve as an apt object lesson for those who still tremble at the possibility of their own agency, evanescent ande ephemeral as it is.

Sincerely, one former newsman to another...

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Mr. Natural said...

Thanks for the heads up! Those asshole news readers who CALL THEMSELVES reporters are simply aparatichiks of the right.