Sunday, July 28, 2013

TBGO: The Plot Sickens

Photo: Revolutionary Images

Woody sez: What coup plotters do, typically, first, is they capture the media. In banana republics, they do it with guerrillas, mortars and squad tactics; in civilized places, they do it with cash.

The design of the (entirely NON/post-partisan) Grasping Oligarchsz and Plutocratz, since the 1970s, at least, has been to actively poison the USer people against their "gummint", so that eventually (and pretty soon now, imho) the "people" will become so disgusted, and so contemptuous, and so weary, and so sick, and so revulsed by the idea of self-govt, and Public Sovereignty, and how messy and corrupt and debased it has become that they'll GLADLY hand it all (especially the Treasure and the Military) over to the CorpoRatz' boardrooms to manage for us, so"we" ay wash our hands of it all. Remember Raygoon's "Nine most feared words?": "I'm from the Govt and I'm here to help." He made it a fucking joke.

The attitudes WE evince in reply to each new affront and injustice proves the plan's WORKING wonderfully! Right on schedule.

I do NOT blame anyone, btw. The plan has been UNIVERSALLY supported and abetted by the lap-dog, wholly-owned press and media, 95% of which are owned by those very boardrooms, already. The people have been reliably trained, over more than 60 years to respond docilely to images and messages on flickering screens, no matter how abominable, and to dutifully repeat and expand the simple, 'moral' messages.

They made no secret of it, btw: You may find the template for all this in what is called the Powell Memorandum...

Friday, July 26, 2013

TBGO: God-Blighted

A recent piece on Alternet admonished atheists for being "jerks" about it. "I'm an atheist and I'm embarrassed. Not because I'm self-conscious about my convictions (lol, no), but because so many people insist on being such condescending dicks in the name of atheism." She (Lindy West?) remonstrates in the name of tolerance for people for whm their faith is their only hope, who have no other "choices," who have "nothing else."

I can sympathize...that is till I see something like this:

Tennessee Christians Say Majority Rule Gives Them The Power To Violate Rights Of Non-Christians (VIDEO)

and view the following:  
in which the issue is plastering "In God We Trust" across the entryway to the Nashville public couirt-house, in garish black-on-white letters a foot high. And the city fathers are quite delighted with the idea.

Okay, so the headline's a little hyperolic.

But: If it weren't for this sort of crap, you'd NEVER hear a word about "god" or religion from me or most other atheists. . It matters not the tiniest scintilla to us what kinds of silly delusions and superstitions the "faithful" harbor and cling to, as long as they keep them to themselves and don't try to impose them on anybody else (with the caveat that convincing a two- or three-year old to fear a vicious, vengeful, terrifying "God," before they've sussed out the tooth fairy, is text-book child abuse).

However, a line is crossed when the 'faithful' require those who do NOT "believe" to act and/or behave in ways which comport with their silly superstitions. This surpasses the ethic of "tolerance" and becomes theistic tyranny. I do NOT submit to such theistic twaddle. There I draw the line. When the faithful transgress it, they may expect me to behave "dickishly" if such behavior is required to turn back or rebuff such onslaughts of superstitious silliness...

Cuz it's that smugly patronizing attitude and the gratuitous holy horseshit like this that turns polite, silent, reticent, mind-our-own-business, mild-mannered, everyday atheists, like me, into the raving, furious, outraged, "dickish" sons of bitches the fuckloon Christoid fundies and other pious fucktards complain about. Shit like this is what happens when the theistic fucktards run things. Shit likes this makes me yearn for the Coliseum and hungry fucking lions.

So, a word for the whining, persecuted, god-blighted Christoids, the world's forst "persecuted" majority: shove a sloppy sock in these unctuous butt-wipes' pious cock-holsters, and those of the Robertsons, Hagees, Swaggarts, and your Louis Gomerts, and yer Michelle Bachmanns, and yer Rand Pauls, and the rest of your "prophetic" pimps, anytime they're fixing to spout off about "god's" will and the law of the land, and I PROMISE YOU: you won't hear another fucking PEEP from us Atheists about "God."

Unless you start with this shit again/still; then all bets are off...

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

TBGO: A Plague of People

 worlds population
A piece appeared on HuffPo headlined: "David Attenborough Says Humans Are "A Plague on Earth" and Should Stop Breeding." He doesn't actually say that, but ya gotta sell papers. Attenborough is the foremost public naturalist in the mainstream media, and his opinions carry weight, but also become foils for the denialists, who accuse him of exaggeration and hyperbole.
I accuse him of nothing of the sort: I wrote the following in reply/agreement/accord.

What Woody seez:
Cancers grow in all species. Earth has us. Humanity is earth's cancer virus.

Cancer cells violate the order around them. They have no "right" to exist at the expense of the lives of their host. Humans forfeited their/our natural "rights" when they/we first separated, and then elevated them/ourselves and their/our concerns above those of the rest of "nature."

They/we selfishly created their own "domain." Our own light, heat, cool, on demand. They/we call it "second nature," civilization. Civilization, per se, set us on a path of growth for its own sake which, as Ed Abbey famously observed, is the "ideology of a cancer cell."

"Humanity" now is best understood as a microcosmic experiment testing whether "Life" can survive the "Self." The null hypothesis is in no danger, at the moment or foreseeably...

TBGO: Do The Hustle

Rush and O'Reilly: Race hustlers, Inc.
Woody sez: If there's such a thing as "race hustlers," it's Hannity, O'Reilly, Limbaugh, and the rest of the WHITE, rightard punditocracy.

"Racism" is NOT an individual failing. There are biased, prejudiced bigots in every group.

To be a racist, you have to have the power to use your bias, prejudice and bigotry to deny or deprive or diminish the availability and enjoyment of members of despised ("inferior") groups to their fair share of social goods, including equity, respect and dignity. Black people in Ummurka do not possess that power.

The problem is not Sharpton and Jesse Jackson or Cornel West. All they do is remind the White majority of its long-standing and on-going complicity in racism. Those reminders comprise "race hustling" in White, racist vernacular.

The problem is endemic, ineradicable, pervasive WHITE racism, going back the the 3/5s clause in the Constitution.

It's NOT fuukin rocket surgery, mijos...

Sunday, July 21, 2013

TBGO: Back, Troll! You Shall NOT Pass!

If you spend much time in Intertubez conversation, colloquy, or debate, you have probably heard or are otherwise aware of allegations that there are 'correspondents' on many popular pages who are actually paid disruptors who are reimbursed for highjacking threads in conversations the subjects of which reflect poorly on, or are not in the best interests of, their bosses. Such actors are called universally called "trolls." Though I've my own portmanteau term for 'em: "Trools," a combined form of "trolls" and  'tools."

My experience with such entities is of relatively ancient lineage. I took up internet jousting or fencing, if you prefer) when I left California for Louisiana, in the mid-80s, and couldn't surf anymore. That's when I started posting in news-groups in use-net.  Since then, in the process, I've detected a couple of tells which I'm happy to share, out of the goodness of my heart, but also because there is too much troolshit around a lot of "popular" and "trending" sites to be polite about it. Being nice to 'em takes too much time.

Lately, they've gotten better at disguise. They have figgered out how to appear plausible. And likable. They are "reasonable." They just wanna get along. They agree with you, while subtly twisting the frame. How 'bout dem Dodgers? They have great life-stories, families, lots of friends. Just the salt of the earth. Simply wonderful folks. 

 Or so it appears: However, it's worth remembering: On the Intertubez, you are only who you say you are.

 And, luckily, they still will tip their hands in fairly, reliably predictable ways. Their tactics are pretty easy to spot: For one, I'm sure they work together, usually in pairs. They'll be the two who agree with one another against the tenor of the group. And they have replacements who come in when a prior one has been "busted" and lost cred.  (I also think they have figgered out how to steal someone's f-book identity, so they can pose as someone utterly inoffensive, but I'm not sure about that.)

Such as:

 En Garde: To me one infallible "tell" of troolish intention is evidenced when the "suspect" correspondent offers blustery, truculent, obstinate resistance to providing links to sources they claim as support for their assertions. Ask them whom they're citing (a perfectly reasonable question) and their first line of defense will inevitably be to inform YOU that THEY aren't going to do YOUR research for you. 

Next, if pressed, they'll claim that YOUR unfamiliarity with the primary sources under discussion isn't THEIR fault, but a sign of your own scholarly ineptness. And they'll resolutely refuse to offer names, citations or links to their "research." A "real" scholar, they're likely to declare, does her or his OWN research.

Continue to call them on their refusal, and they get mean, accusing their interrogators of bullying or "hurtful talk," and of course, of ad hominem attacks on them, personally.
En Riposte: Having been at one point in my many careers a 'licensed' scholar (Ph.D., LSU, '89), I will say that, when asked for sources, a "real' scholar doesn't admonish their interrogator to "do their own research," or upbraid them for not being familiar with "primary sources." A real scholar has at least one very familiar reference right off the top of the head, can provide a dozen within 10 minutes, and will offer to do so.

If you're attentive, you too can prevent trool contagion and banish them whence they came:
"Back, Trool. Under Your BRIDGE!"

Sunday, July 14, 2013

TBGO: The Advantages of White Privilege

If nothing else, the Zimmerman trial is an object lesson in psychology, civics and juridical legerdemain; oh, yeah: ant of the real, serious, major-league advantages of being "white."

In Woody's humble opinion, which I formulated on the first day of the trial, right after the knock-knock joke, the "Zim" defense team was trying for what I call "a reverse Johnny Cochran" defense: Instead of a white vic and a black perp and a black jury, it was the other way around: Black vic, white perp, white jury. But the "strategy" was the same.

Cochran--who KNEW, along with everybody else in the whole fucking country, that his client was guilty as hell of MULTIPLE murder--got OJ off by turning the trial into a circus, and making a mockery of the process. He encouraged MASS "jury-nullification." He led the jury to indict the SYSTEM that had brought his client to trial, and convict IT, by letting his client go...

That was West's strategy, too, only in the obverse, with a "white" perp, a black victim and a White jury. His strategy was to make the charges SEEM ludicrous by putting the victim--who in this case was already presumed guilty by geographical and social location--on trial and DARING the jury to convict his client in a surreal reversal.

It worked...Which, in "court," is the ONLY thing that matters.

(Plus: If it had failed--never much in doubt, but still--there were irregularities enough to stimulate an appeal.)

Interestingly, in a not-unrelated incident (Florida, White perp, black vic), a gun-loon/cracker/asswhole pled "Not Guilty" to shooting a gun into a car full of noisy black kids and killing one, because their music was too loud and they dissed him when the TOLD them to turn it down. So he emptied his piece into the car, while his girl-friend was gettin smokes at the 7-11, and then just drove away.

I dunno where I first read it, a long, long, long time ago, but I think it still obtains: You can have "law," or you can have "justice," but rarely both.

My $.02.

Friday, July 12, 2013

TBGO: Submision

Rape and sexual assault have been "staples" of military culture for as long as there have been armies. This does not and should not excuse it, but should contextualize it.

The military is necessarily (in terms of the self-survival of the participants) harsh, murderous, remorseless. The defeated enemy's women have always figured in as among the most desirable "spoils of war." But warfare has, until fairly recently, been pretty much an exclusively male domain. Oomen have been warriors in innumerable insurrections but, until Israel, in the modern era, they were not sought by or admitted as soldiers.

Since women have joined the overwhelmingly still male ranks, they have fallen prey to attacks from their comrads. There has lately been a veritable flood of revelations and accusations about sexual assault and rape in the USer military services, mainly--though not exclusively--from women who have been assaulted, subject to harassment, even raped by their cohorts and comrads (and often superiors) in arms--and commanded either explicitly or by the weight of the institution to remain silent about it.

Congress is now holding hearings about the matter. Congresscrit Louise Slaughter has been a leading voice in the inquiry. In a piece on HuffPo on Friday she further lamented the state of the Military brass' reply to the problem, which has been--at BEST--disingenuous. As described in the article, "command" is advising victims to submit rather than risk injury. No word about reporting the assailant, however.

Because the Senior Brass has NOT THE SLIGHTEST INTENTION of bestowing on lower ranks the power to embarrass them "on a whim." So "reforms" have been partial, and glacial.

(Former Sgt.) Woody (USAF, 64-68) can tellya what'll work to impede and reduce sexual assaults in the military.

What's gonna work is prosecuting, convicting and sending to jail a WHOLE BUNCH of rapist and predatory NCOs and Officers. Make some examples. What do you think Bradley Manning's ordeal has been about?

This will have an additional, positive effect, in that it may make some vacancies in upper ranks, which women could then fill, to pursue matters further.

The military is a brutal culture.

It will respond only to lessons in kind.

TBGO: Why C*nt-hair Clancy's On The Court

Woody can tellya exactly why C*nt-hair Clancy's on the Court.
When Thurgood Marshall died, the civil/human rights "community" demanded that then Pres. GHW (Poppi) Bush appoint another black to his place. Poppi didn't much appreciate that kind of "uppitiness" from the lower orders. So he figgered he'd show 'em.
So Poppi looked around and found the most corrupt, craven, ignorant, co-opted, sold-out, self-hating/self-loathing Negro in the whole GOP and nominated him.
The Senate was nearly OBLIGED to confirm, even after his foibles and prejudices were revealed by Anita Hill and others; they couldn't REJECT a black nominee without evidence of "real" offenses.
So Clarence ("Coke-Can Pubes") Thomas became the SECOND "black" Justice of the SCROTES.
That's political hard-ball, GOPhux-style.



You may THINK the GOPhux are alienating the electorate, but Woody demurz.
I think the majority of white Murkins concurs with the GoPhux, though perhaps they won't say so, except in the voting booth. It's textbook racism, the "real" (that is, institutional) kind.
As unrepentant, unreflective racists, they are content to take a little hit to their own well-being as long as they are assured that those whom they despise as their inferiors take a BIGGER hit, or get NOTHING.
This is a particularly dastardly stratagem by the GOPhux, because it takes the SNAP program out of a long-term, modestly secure (til 2018) budgetary position, and makes it susceptible to the contemptible machinations of those GOPhux fuckers EVERY YEAR!
It virtually insures the continued immiseration of the poor, the disabled, the elderly and youth in poverty.

TBGO: On The Rise

Bad Meme A'Risin': When I saw this "meme" on Fuckerberg's Folly, I replied immediately to the person posting: "This is sheerest bullshit. I marking it spam and bouncing it off my wall, as soon as I post this comment."

The poster (a decent person who has since taken it down) asked politely, "Why's that, Woody?"

Because, I said, this kind of thing is a vile, vicious calumny against the poor. It is element in and an example of and part-and-parcel with the Grasping Oligarchs' and Patriarchs' unrelenting attacks on the social safety net, and their fierce, petulant, unremitting animosity for the so-called "undeserving poor."

Nobody, I said, or almost nobody wants to be poor, on welfare, needing food stamps.Ninety percent of people on public assistance would get off it if they could and sustain themselves with any shred of dignity. Some fucknut GOPhuq moron the other week proposed that people--I think he was especially targeting single mothers--should be denied assistance if they have a fucking car.

Do YOU, I asked, think that all public assistance recipients should be piss-tested, too? Not ALL? Then whim?

And nobody, I continued, NOBODY who accidentally happens to be better off than a poor person is entitled to tell the poorer person how to live, what to enjoy.

Because someone's poor, does that mean they're dis-entitled to ANY enjoyment?

Cigarettes and beer are the poor folkz' Prozac.

Cable TV's the ONLY kind of "child-care" they CAN afford.

Virtually ALL the drugs swilled by the middle and working classes are publicly subsidized, at one stage or another. Drugs are antidotes to pain. Nobody gets to tell YOU what hurts and what helps.

So you wanna deny that right, no matter how painful,  to another person just because they happen to be in the barrel this month?

That's astonishingly arrogant--mind-fuckingly so--for folks the majority of whom are only a paycheck or two away from starki, staring destitution themselves, right now, this very minute.

Oh, the barrel? It's an old joke; ask a geezer to 'splain it to yaa.. Mebbe Winstone back in Hippie Central will fill ya in.???

TBGO: Soooo Peaceful...


On Woody'z wall, a correspondent asked, probably rhetorically if "Islam is a religion of peace."
It's a silly question.

No 'monotheism' is inherently "peaceful." Their "one God" is NEVER tolerant, always jealous, always exclusive..."Monotheos" slaughters non-believers, for spite, or vengeance, or "just because..."
Monotheists do not--in fact CANNOT--acknowledge the possibility that another cult's compilation of delusions may be as persuasive as their own, and so are ALWAYS alert for ways to challenge and overturn other cultish challengers' 'faiths.' Clashes are inevitable, when such superstitions are 1) closely held and 2) militantly defended.
This is NEVER a "peaceful" project.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

TBGO: Supervision

Woody gotz just one question.
And I been wondering this since forever:
Who--did ANYONE--actually EVER for ONE shiny moment believed that the "gummints" of the world--sometimes GLOBE-spanning regimes whose sole and only purpose, anywhere, is to preserve the status quo for the oligarchs and plutocrats--which were presented with technologies which make espionage and surveillance almost invisible, but more comprehensive than EVER possible before, and which their people would SCRAMBLE to use as much as possible for every conceivable purpose, would politely eschew those technologies--would DECLINE to use them; would refuse the opportunities they represented to further secure their positions--in favor of the "privacy" of their subjects/constituents?
Follow-up: Who, honestly, could believe that 'private' Internet corpoRatz--Google, Fuckerberg's Folly, Amazon, et al--wouldn't docilely, even eagerly, collaborate and cooperate?

Sign up here for poker night at Woody'z. Bring LOTZ of money...I'll tell yaz now: I NEVER bluff...


Saturday, July 6, 2013

TBGO: Shame and Scandal

It has been Woody'z firm belief, since the first day the most recent NSA 'scandal' was exposed, that there was about it something of the "Breitbartian" freak show, a la ACORN, with "Snowden" in the Jamie O'Keefe role of the faux-naif...
Nothing which has since transpired has changed that impression one single, solitary iota.
The whole thing stinks.
And not the LEAST of the stinkage emanates from the fact that ALL of what is deemed remarkable and terrible (which it must be, to some) has been researchable, AND ALWAYS objectionable, since the Raygoons established the "US Intelligence Community" in 1981. That's the official US Intel cartel: 19 (published) Fed-bureaucratic intel agencies, with now up to and even over 2 THOUSAND private coropRatz, employing now over one MILLION operatives and other employees. To pilfer your mail, listen in on your fone--sex. It's an outrage, indeed. But it's been going on in plain sight for over 30 years.
The Raygoons started, quite publicly, farming out USer intelligence ops to those private companies led by former military intel honchos--not ALL of whom, incidentally, are USers, and which have grown like toxic shrooms since 9/11. 
Revelations about this activity were known Where was the FURY when Mark Klein's allegations about the NSA/AT&T hook-up in the AT&T building  at 641 Fulsom Street, in SFO?
Room 641A and the controversies surrounding it were subjects of an episode of Frontline, the current affairs documentary program on PBS. It was originally broadcast on May 15, 2007. It was also featured on PBS's NOW on March 14, 2008. The room was also covered in the PBS Nova episode "The Spy Factory".
The Congress, including then Sen. LowBar, voted in 2007 to grant immunity to corpoRatz which willingly cooperated with "unconventional" gummint surveillance.
But hey. How about a real memory stretcher: Remember the Church Committtee? It was supposed to impose Congressional supervision on domestic intel ops, in the '70s, after the revelations of Watergate and COINTELPRO, and Operation Northwoods and all that.
What we got out of that was the FISA law and the FISC, which has only ONCE in over 3000 chances refused a request for covert surveillance. There's also a congressional committee which hears--but cannot talka bout what it hears in--testimony from the brass.
And they ALL--don't forget, it was Gummint AND paid, private spooks who be dooin' the spookin'--felt the need to go around even that minimal superfision.
But ALL the outrage is focused on Prez. Lowbar.
I'm not defending LowBar. He's a factotum of the Status Quo (and I am still surprised when folks don tumble to the fact), a tried-and-true agent of the oligocracy. But he ISN'T doing anything that ANY and ALL of the previous four occupants of the Office have done, with the (implicit) blessing of the people and the press. Was there talk of impeachment when the Chimperor quietly drowned habeas corpus in a barrel of Lone Star in 2006? If there was any, it didn't register on any political seismometers I know of.
What's unseemly, then, in this context, is the sudden upwelling of mostly invented "outrage" at (admittedly potentially criminally intrusive) practices only NOW, when their existence has been certainly not-very-well-concealed, common knowledge since white guys still ran things.
It stinks of selective memory, and THAT reeks of ulterior motives. I sense the cold, dead tread of Breitbart behind the falls, a la ACORN, with Snowden in the Jamie O'Keefe role.
In passing, too, I'd mention that this whole scenario, to me, illustrates nothing less than how inextricably the interests of private profit have insinuated themselves into, and strangled, the whole arena of "public service."
And like the freak show it is, like a python swallowing a capybara, you can neither take your eyes off it, nor UN-watch.

Thursday, July 4, 2013

TBGO: It's ALL Your Fault!

This is one of those memes which just torque ol' Woody'z jaws to the cracking point: it's a classic element in the CorpoRatz' strategy for blaming the victims for their own misery, instead of the system set up for the sole purpose to defeat them. The Owners tell ya:
"You had your choices, asswhole. You just chose WRONG. Tough shit. See ya in hell."

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

TBGO: Early Morning Bulletins, All Day

The Koch Club

The template for this kind of "oligarchic activism" is laid out to perfection in the "Powell Memorandum," an action plan for Conservaturd forces to "overwhelm" the radical egalitarianism of the 'counter-culture' of the '60s and '70s.
It was composed by (then corpoRat Atty, but soon to be SCROTE Justice) Lewis Powell.
To give you some flavor of the man, his relative and namesake was executed for his part in the Lincoln assassination in 1865.

atheists monument
Woody's making book on how long it will be before the "rationalist" monument is defiled or damaged.
"Less than a month" is my bet.
Btw: It's not a monument to "atheism." It is a monument to reason, reality, and rationality and sanity.
None of which are characteristics of "faith."

 Woody agreez: When yer "allies" are forced to acknowledge that YOU'RE spying on 'em, it's a little "Inconvenient." For EVERYBODY!
But not surprising. And not "novel."
Every "nation" in the world, to the extent that it can, conducts espionage on every OTHER "nation" in the world.
It would be stupid NOT to, not to mention a sign of incompetence/misfeasance.
Everybody in every govt. on the PLANET already KNEW the US was spying on 'em, just as WE knew they were spying on us.
Military, civilian, corpoRat "intel" is a--I'm tempted to say "the"--currency of international relations.
This is a ginned-up crisis, people. Get OVER it. It's been going on FOR EVER! You have to be terminally naive to believe otherwise, or to take such painful umbrage at the plain fact.

Woody truly pities them:
America's 'Christians": The world's first and ONLY "persecuted religious Majority."

It's not too great an exaggeration to say that Prescott Bush was the personal banker of the Bund.
"...(D)ocuments, many of which were only declassified last year, show that even after America had entered the war and when there was already significant information about the Nazis' plans and policies, he worked for and profited from companies closely involved with the very German businesses that financed Hitler's rise to power. It has also been suggested that the money he made from these dealings helped to establish the Bush family fortune and set up its political dynasty." --

Life begins with the breath of life. It shows up within about the first 500 words of the Bible.
Gen. 2:7: "Then the LORD God formed man of dust from the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living being."
Pretty unambiguous.
Breathing is the key. Life begins with your first inhalation (says nothing about 'olding it, though).
Case closed.

Woody doesn't trust ANY PART of this whole NSA/"Snowden"/Greenwald narrative worth a runny shit.
It's all FAR too contrived. It's like some kind of "reality tv" show. I have said all along that I detect something like the cold, dead hand of Andrew Breitbart on the whole proceeding.
It seems to me a sign of either 1) desperation or 2) complicity that Greenwald would demean himself by an appearance on Faux Noiz.

Woody sez: Now THERE'S a monument to reason, rationality (rat-ionality?) and sanity I can support!

Woody'z all, like, what the FUCK?
Charter Schools --indeed, education in general, anymore--are a business, first, over and above ANYTHING else.
Schooling/education/pedagogy/learning: all are secondary to corpoRat "profit" points.
Whodafuck DIDN'T know that by now?
If this is news to ya, probly ya oughta turn in yer drivers' license cuz yer too fucking dumb to operate dangerous machinery.

What Woody wonderz is:
Just how long do the residents of these states--like Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, North (and South) Carolina, etc--where citizens' liberties and rights have been radically curtailed, think it will take to restore what they have lost?
I think the answer is: a fucking LIFETIME.
Rights/liberties, once shorn by the Masters, very SELDOM return; almost never in the form in which they were removed, and ALWAYS weaker...
And just how long will it be before the lowing cattle in the proletariat figure it out?

HEIGH-HO, Selenium!

Woody thinks the NPR question is idiotic.
The movie--the 'legend'--is entirely dependent on stereotypes.
Pretty much, that's all it COULD be.
Cuz for the record:
Historically, the Texas Rangers' primary responsibilities consisted almost entirely in killing "Indians" and Mexicans.
All that thwarting the "bad WHITE guy," and saving the ranch, chasing white rustlers, shit like that?
Mostly didn't happen.

Is His Relatively High Melanin Level Responsible For The Relatively Low Rate of Prez. LowBar's Congressional Success?
Oh, yeah, Woody sez: It DEFINITELY is.
Racial animus is not the ONLY factor, but a MAJOR one.
Accounting for probably half of his (and our national) difficulties. They may deny it, but the rhetoric of the Tea-baggers locates them squarely at the high (or low, depending) end in a continuum of racial antagonism against people of color. You saw it plainly in the ACA debate: Raw "racism" is on display when the more prosperous Majority is willing to--indeed, activates for--a deprivation of some smaller account if it prevents those whom the Majority despises from enjoying any benefit at all. It's textbook.
The only perceptible difference between this guy and the last five or six is the melanin content of the genome.
Anyone who doubts it should surrender their drivers' license and return any weapons they own, because they pose a serious, non-trivial danger to non-STOOOOOPIT people around them...