Sunday, July 14, 2013

TBGO: The Advantages of White Privilege

If nothing else, the Zimmerman trial is an object lesson in psychology, civics and juridical legerdemain; oh, yeah: ant of the real, serious, major-league advantages of being "white."

In Woody's humble opinion, which I formulated on the first day of the trial, right after the knock-knock joke, the "Zim" defense team was trying for what I call "a reverse Johnny Cochran" defense: Instead of a white vic and a black perp and a black jury, it was the other way around: Black vic, white perp, white jury. But the "strategy" was the same.

Cochran--who KNEW, along with everybody else in the whole fucking country, that his client was guilty as hell of MULTIPLE murder--got OJ off by turning the trial into a circus, and making a mockery of the process. He encouraged MASS "jury-nullification." He led the jury to indict the SYSTEM that had brought his client to trial, and convict IT, by letting his client go...

That was West's strategy, too, only in the obverse, with a "white" perp, a black victim and a White jury. His strategy was to make the charges SEEM ludicrous by putting the victim--who in this case was already presumed guilty by geographical and social location--on trial and DARING the jury to convict his client in a surreal reversal.

It worked...Which, in "court," is the ONLY thing that matters.

(Plus: If it had failed--never much in doubt, but still--there were irregularities enough to stimulate an appeal.)

Interestingly, in a not-unrelated incident (Florida, White perp, black vic), a gun-loon/cracker/asswhole pled "Not Guilty" to shooting a gun into a car full of noisy black kids and killing one, because their music was too loud and they dissed him when the TOLD them to turn it down. So he emptied his piece into the car, while his girl-friend was gettin smokes at the 7-11, and then just drove away.

I dunno where I first read it, a long, long, long time ago, but I think it still obtains: You can have "law," or you can have "justice," but rarely both.

My $.02.

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