Sunday, July 28, 2013

TBGO: The Plot Sickens

Photo: Revolutionary Images

Woody sez: What coup plotters do, typically, first, is they capture the media. In banana republics, they do it with guerrillas, mortars and squad tactics; in civilized places, they do it with cash.

The design of the (entirely NON/post-partisan) Grasping Oligarchsz and Plutocratz, since the 1970s, at least, has been to actively poison the USer people against their "gummint", so that eventually (and pretty soon now, imho) the "people" will become so disgusted, and so contemptuous, and so weary, and so sick, and so revulsed by the idea of self-govt, and Public Sovereignty, and how messy and corrupt and debased it has become that they'll GLADLY hand it all (especially the Treasure and the Military) over to the CorpoRatz' boardrooms to manage for us, so"we" ay wash our hands of it all. Remember Raygoon's "Nine most feared words?": "I'm from the Govt and I'm here to help." He made it a fucking joke.

The attitudes WE evince in reply to each new affront and injustice proves the plan's WORKING wonderfully! Right on schedule.

I do NOT blame anyone, btw. The plan has been UNIVERSALLY supported and abetted by the lap-dog, wholly-owned press and media, 95% of which are owned by those very boardrooms, already. The people have been reliably trained, over more than 60 years to respond docilely to images and messages on flickering screens, no matter how abominable, and to dutifully repeat and expand the simple, 'moral' messages.

They made no secret of it, btw: You may find the template for all this in what is called the Powell Memorandum...

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