Friday, July 12, 2013

TBGO: Soooo Peaceful...


On Woody'z wall, a correspondent asked, probably rhetorically if "Islam is a religion of peace."
It's a silly question.

No 'monotheism' is inherently "peaceful." Their "one God" is NEVER tolerant, always jealous, always exclusive..."Monotheos" slaughters non-believers, for spite, or vengeance, or "just because..."
Monotheists do not--in fact CANNOT--acknowledge the possibility that another cult's compilation of delusions may be as persuasive as their own, and so are ALWAYS alert for ways to challenge and overturn other cultish challengers' 'faiths.' Clashes are inevitable, when such superstitions are 1) closely held and 2) militantly defended.
This is NEVER a "peaceful" project.

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