Wednesday, July 10, 2013

TBGO: Supervision

Woody gotz just one question.
And I been wondering this since forever:
Who--did ANYONE--actually EVER for ONE shiny moment believed that the "gummints" of the world--sometimes GLOBE-spanning regimes whose sole and only purpose, anywhere, is to preserve the status quo for the oligarchs and plutocrats--which were presented with technologies which make espionage and surveillance almost invisible, but more comprehensive than EVER possible before, and which their people would SCRAMBLE to use as much as possible for every conceivable purpose, would politely eschew those technologies--would DECLINE to use them; would refuse the opportunities they represented to further secure their positions--in favor of the "privacy" of their subjects/constituents?
Follow-up: Who, honestly, could believe that 'private' Internet corpoRatz--Google, Fuckerberg's Folly, Amazon, et al--wouldn't docilely, even eagerly, collaborate and cooperate?

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Irish said...

This is fantastic!