Friday, July 12, 2013



You may THINK the GOPhux are alienating the electorate, but Woody demurz.
I think the majority of white Murkins concurs with the GoPhux, though perhaps they won't say so, except in the voting booth. It's textbook racism, the "real" (that is, institutional) kind.
As unrepentant, unreflective racists, they are content to take a little hit to their own well-being as long as they are assured that those whom they despise as their inferiors take a BIGGER hit, or get NOTHING.
This is a particularly dastardly stratagem by the GOPhux, because it takes the SNAP program out of a long-term, modestly secure (til 2018) budgetary position, and makes it susceptible to the contemptible machinations of those GOPhux fuckers EVERY YEAR!
It virtually insures the continued immiseration of the poor, the disabled, the elderly and youth in poverty.

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