Friday, July 12, 2013

TBGO: On The Rise

Bad Meme A'Risin': When I saw this "meme" on Fuckerberg's Folly, I replied immediately to the person posting: "This is sheerest bullshit. I marking it spam and bouncing it off my wall, as soon as I post this comment."

The poster (a decent person who has since taken it down) asked politely, "Why's that, Woody?"

Because, I said, this kind of thing is a vile, vicious calumny against the poor. It is element in and an example of and part-and-parcel with the Grasping Oligarchs' and Patriarchs' unrelenting attacks on the social safety net, and their fierce, petulant, unremitting animosity for the so-called "undeserving poor."

Nobody, I said, or almost nobody wants to be poor, on welfare, needing food stamps.Ninety percent of people on public assistance would get off it if they could and sustain themselves with any shred of dignity. Some fucknut GOPhuq moron the other week proposed that people--I think he was especially targeting single mothers--should be denied assistance if they have a fucking car.

Do YOU, I asked, think that all public assistance recipients should be piss-tested, too? Not ALL? Then whim?

And nobody, I continued, NOBODY who accidentally happens to be better off than a poor person is entitled to tell the poorer person how to live, what to enjoy.

Because someone's poor, does that mean they're dis-entitled to ANY enjoyment?

Cigarettes and beer are the poor folkz' Prozac.

Cable TV's the ONLY kind of "child-care" they CAN afford.

Virtually ALL the drugs swilled by the middle and working classes are publicly subsidized, at one stage or another. Drugs are antidotes to pain. Nobody gets to tell YOU what hurts and what helps.

So you wanna deny that right, no matter how painful,  to another person just because they happen to be in the barrel this month?

That's astonishingly arrogant--mind-fuckingly so--for folks the majority of whom are only a paycheck or two away from starki, staring destitution themselves, right now, this very minute.

Oh, the barrel? It's an old joke; ask a geezer to 'splain it to yaa.. Mebbe Winstone back in Hippie Central will fill ya in.???

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