Friday, July 12, 2013

TBGO: Why C*nt-hair Clancy's On The Court

Woody can tellya exactly why C*nt-hair Clancy's on the Court.
When Thurgood Marshall died, the civil/human rights "community" demanded that then Pres. GHW (Poppi) Bush appoint another black to his place. Poppi didn't much appreciate that kind of "uppitiness" from the lower orders. So he figgered he'd show 'em.
So Poppi looked around and found the most corrupt, craven, ignorant, co-opted, sold-out, self-hating/self-loathing Negro in the whole GOP and nominated him.
The Senate was nearly OBLIGED to confirm, even after his foibles and prejudices were revealed by Anita Hill and others; they couldn't REJECT a black nominee without evidence of "real" offenses.
So Clarence ("Coke-Can Pubes") Thomas became the SECOND "black" Justice of the SCROTES.
That's political hard-ball, GOPhux-style.

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