Friday, July 26, 2013

TBGO: God-Blighted

A recent piece on Alternet admonished atheists for being "jerks" about it. "I'm an atheist and I'm embarrassed. Not because I'm self-conscious about my convictions (lol, no), but because so many people insist on being such condescending dicks in the name of atheism." She (Lindy West?) remonstrates in the name of tolerance for people for whm their faith is their only hope, who have no other "choices," who have "nothing else."

I can sympathize...that is till I see something like this:

Tennessee Christians Say Majority Rule Gives Them The Power To Violate Rights Of Non-Christians (VIDEO)

and view the following:  
in which the issue is plastering "In God We Trust" across the entryway to the Nashville public couirt-house, in garish black-on-white letters a foot high. And the city fathers are quite delighted with the idea.

Okay, so the headline's a little hyperolic.

But: If it weren't for this sort of crap, you'd NEVER hear a word about "god" or religion from me or most other atheists. . It matters not the tiniest scintilla to us what kinds of silly delusions and superstitions the "faithful" harbor and cling to, as long as they keep them to themselves and don't try to impose them on anybody else (with the caveat that convincing a two- or three-year old to fear a vicious, vengeful, terrifying "God," before they've sussed out the tooth fairy, is text-book child abuse).

However, a line is crossed when the 'faithful' require those who do NOT "believe" to act and/or behave in ways which comport with their silly superstitions. This surpasses the ethic of "tolerance" and becomes theistic tyranny. I do NOT submit to such theistic twaddle. There I draw the line. When the faithful transgress it, they may expect me to behave "dickishly" if such behavior is required to turn back or rebuff such onslaughts of superstitious silliness...

Cuz it's that smugly patronizing attitude and the gratuitous holy horseshit like this that turns polite, silent, reticent, mind-our-own-business, mild-mannered, everyday atheists, like me, into the raving, furious, outraged, "dickish" sons of bitches the fuckloon Christoid fundies and other pious fucktards complain about. Shit like this is what happens when the theistic fucktards run things. Shit likes this makes me yearn for the Coliseum and hungry fucking lions.

So, a word for the whining, persecuted, god-blighted Christoids, the world's forst "persecuted" majority: shove a sloppy sock in these unctuous butt-wipes' pious cock-holsters, and those of the Robertsons, Hagees, Swaggarts, and your Louis Gomerts, and yer Michelle Bachmanns, and yer Rand Pauls, and the rest of your "prophetic" pimps, anytime they're fixing to spout off about "god's" will and the law of the land, and I PROMISE YOU: you won't hear another fucking PEEP from us Atheists about "God."

Unless you start with this shit again/still; then all bets are off...

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