Tuesday, July 23, 2013

TBGO: A Plague of People

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A piece appeared on HuffPo headlined: "David Attenborough Says Humans Are "A Plague on Earth" and Should Stop Breeding." He doesn't actually say that, but ya gotta sell papers. Attenborough is the foremost public naturalist in the mainstream media, and his opinions carry weight, but also become foils for the denialists, who accuse him of exaggeration and hyperbole.
I accuse him of nothing of the sort: I wrote the following in reply/agreement/accord.

What Woody seez:
Cancers grow in all species. Earth has us. Humanity is earth's cancer virus.

Cancer cells violate the order around them. They have no "right" to exist at the expense of the lives of their host. Humans forfeited their/our natural "rights" when they/we first separated, and then elevated them/ourselves and their/our concerns above those of the rest of "nature."

They/we selfishly created their own "domain." Our own light, heat, cool, on demand. They/we call it "second nature," civilization. Civilization, per se, set us on a path of growth for its own sake which, as Ed Abbey famously observed, is the "ideology of a cancer cell."

"Humanity" now is best understood as a microcosmic experiment testing whether "Life" can survive the "Self." The null hypothesis is in no danger, at the moment or foreseeably...


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