Sunday, March 17, 2013

TBGO ~~"Baaah Di Baaah Di Baaah": Deformed Reform

Deformed Reform: It's 'reform," alright.
As in "You fucked up. Now we're sending you to reform school."
You hafta understand: This is as much about keeping people in line as it is about anything else. It's a delicate balance, but they've been refining it for about 100 years, and with that much practice, they've gotten REAL good at it.
It's called "learned helplessness." It's a development from Pavlov's original insights and "operant conditioning." It works by creating unmakable choices. Double bind on demand!
It's a torture technique, another thing for which Murkins can be proud.
Look it up. I got 1.5 million hits. I cannot imagine IMAGINING that well enough to test it, and then doing it, on dogs, just because you can? That's the kinda person, you shatter their kneecaps and leave 'em in the forest for the feral hogs.
Hedge Insult

Nope, I don't:
But I also don't see any of the SEVEN BILLION FUCKING PEOPLE, either.

Big Chief BullShit! More "noble savage" codswallop.

Point by point:
No they did not "live without government." Every tribe had a council, every tribe had its own rules, its own protocols of justice and reparation. Many tribes belonged to federations, like the Iroquois', which "governed" several different "tribes" under one structure; google the Iroquois Federation.
No, they did not live without taxes. Not if by "taxes," one means contributions from the individual's good fortune to the support of the commonweal, the group/tribe. Everyone contributed some of their own to the community/collective good. They didn't have tax collectors, but they lived in groups of 500-700 people.
They didn't experience "climate change," because there weren't enough of them to have an effect. They were philosophically one with their worlds, not exploiting them.
They did have "markets," gatherings for trade among different, often competitive/hostile groups, and they did exchange symbolic "specie."
As for being "free," they lived in North America when there were fewer than 5 MILLION persons on the whole continent. A population smaller than CHICAGO, and it had the whole continent. It's easy to be "free" when there's a whole fucking, wide-open CONTINENT!
And they weren't "free," anyway, because they had group/family/tribal mores which were rigidly enforced.
And, they weren't peaceful, either. They killed one another with great glee and ceremony if the chance presented. They rarely waged out-right war, but that was an economic decision, not from any deep sense of cooperation or passivity.


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