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Off With Their CEOs: If corpoRats ARE, indeed, people, then BP is one which deserves capital punishment: the revocation of corporate charter and forfeiture of assets.
We should imprison a few of the highest officers, too, for life, as willing accomplices operating with criminal indifference.
Just gotta make a Bradley Manning-type example out of ONE of 'em...
March 2, 2013 - Monday the trial in the Louisiana federal courthouse continues as the Justice Department continues its probe into BP, Transocean and Halliburton.  The first four days brought in some of the top brass current and former of BP, including the infamous Tony Hayward, whose testimony summed up his lackadaisical approach to operations and safety, as well as his intent to cut losses by reducing safety in an attempt to make shareholders happy and increase the bottom line for BP.  Lamar McKay, Chairman and President of BP America focused on trying to shift and share the blame and to deflect potential financial damage off of BP, and onto Transocean and Halliburton.  He stated that “safety was a "team effort" shared by BP and all of its contractors.”  His testimony on solidified his role as a front man for the BP PR BS machine that continues to deny responsibility for their actions.  Expect more of this in the weeks to come.

Mark Bly, BP Head of Safety and Security who led the company's internal probe of its 2010 blowout in the Gulf of Mexico testified “The investigation wasn't intended to look at the disaster through the "lens of responsibility."  The man in charge of safety and security for BP makes a statement like this and it leads one to understand how this disaster occurred in the first place – gross negligence and disregard for safety including BP’s own standards in exchange by greed motivated speed for money.  Keep the shareholders happy.  Let the bottom line grow.  To hell with anything else, including the lives of the workers, the environment they destroyed, and the Gulf of Mexico shorelines, water and economies.  As long as BP is happy, that’s really all that mattered.

DOJ Attorneys asked Bly about a certain call that was made between a BP well-site leader on the rig and a BP manager on shore about a pressure test on the well. Bly said the call wasn’t mentioned in his report, though a presidential commission that investigated the spill determined that the call in question had been made. Lawyers for the plaintiffs and Justice Department have asserted the call an hour before the blast concerned anomalies in the pressure test.

Under questioning by a BP lawyer, Bly said he was generally aware of the call because of notes from other members of the investigation team. He said they would be in a better position than him to address the specifics of the call.

As things move forward, testimony will become more technical.  The first phase of this trial is expected to last 3 months.  During this first phase of the trial, Judge Barbier will decide who is liable for damages stemming from the 2010 accident, and rule on the severity of negligence.  

The second trial, scheduled for September, will concentrate on the flow rate, and whether or not the information provided BP was accurate, and how that number does not calculate with subsequent estimates made by the DOJ.  As of today, Transocean has filed paper with the court claiming that because of BP’s intentional misrepresentation of the actual flow rate, the appropriate action could not be taken, and as a result, the well flowed for an additional SIXTY DAYS longer than it could have, instead of the 87 days it actually did before it was capped.  

We will continue to follow the trial and summarize what our feeling are based on the testimony, and our position from day one of the disaster that none of this had to happen, and that the damage created by BP and its partners resulted in the biggest environmental disaster in the history of the United States.  The fallout from that disaster WILL continue to plague and destroy the Gulf coast and its people, its sea life and its economies and ecologies.  Pleading guilty to 14 felony charges does not let BP off the hook for providing remedy, nor for deflecting blame.  And that fact became readily apparent in the first four days alone.  Stay tuned, and as always, thank you for your support and involvement.
March 2, 2013 - Monday the trial in the Louisiana federal courthouse 
continues as the Justice Department continues its probe into BP, 
Transocean and Halliburton...See More (Coastal Warriors's photo)

Brace UP: Woody guesses this quote is supposed to be inspiring, fortifying, inspirational.
Woody's not so sure.
Thing is, if they've got yer dead body, yer obedience from then on is pretty well irrelevant, a moot point, as it were.

Repressive tolerance:  Bernie Sanders is the "Liberal Lion" of the Senate, innit? His reminders are always timely, and seem accurate? But he always seems so lonely and pitiful...
Why do YOU think nobody ever acts upon the facts and figures he presents so passionately? Nobody EVER picks up his threads and pursues them into legislation? Whyzat?
Remember Marcuse? I think it's because the 'owners' LIKE to have "outliers" like Bernie--mebbe Lizzie Warren, too; Kucenich, too, and Alan Grayson, the comedian from Florida (that fucker Franken's sure been a disappointment)--in Congress because it serves to preserve the illusion of 'political diversity' in the midst of over-all, ideological, lock-step conformity to the CorpoRat canon and code.


"Willin' to do some killin' ": Black Riders Liberation Party NGBPPSD

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