Thursday, March 21, 2013

TBGO Blaaaah di blaaaah: Clouded Visions

 The Sky IS Falling!!!!!!!!!:
Ned Nikolov, PhD, co-author of the paper Unified Theory of Climate weighs in on Stratospheric Aerosol Injection insanity.
 This, at least is NOT a warning about the evil toxins some unnamed GUMMINT agency is spewing into the air to effect some arcane kind of eventual mind control.
It's about pollution. I can handle "pollution."
Airplanes spew the stuff everywhere. Hydrocarbons, which fuel them, are dirty, and seldom completely combust, leaving atmospheric residues which slowly and in widely dispersed patterns, drift back to Earth, eventually, somewhere.
Do you ever fly anywhere?
If you do, you're complicit.
The only way to prevent contrails (not "chem-trails") is to ground all the aircraft which penetrate the stratosphere and produce them when their hot exhausts encounter the freezing air of near-space.
The ones that fly LOWER also emit pollutants.They're just invisible.
So to prevent this, you'd have to stop all stratospheric flights.
Yeah, you do need to ground 'em all.
There's ov er 100 THOUSAND flights per day over the USofA which penetrate the stratosphere, military and civilian.
They're what leave behind trails you can see.
There's another 100THOUSAND flights power day which emit the SAME pollutants, but invisibly, because they're flying where the air isn't as cold.
If people were intent on poisoning us, why would thje do it in plain (plane) sight, in the stratosphere? If I were gonna do it, I'd stay below the really cold air, where nobody could see the traces.
The ONLY to prevent that pollution is to ground ALL aircraft.
I remember after 9/11, how quiet it was. And how clear the skies?
Cuz there weren't any airplanes aloft. All flights were grounded for like four days.
Go right ahead. Give it a go!
But I have tickets to fly to NCY in April, so wait til I get back, will ya? I'm too hobbled to walk back to Burque...

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