Friday, August 10, 2007

The Blue Dogs

"Taking Care of Business," by George Rodrigue
The subject of this whimsical little work is the icon under which the soi disant Blue-dog Democrats assemble.
From what I understand, they all have at least one of Rodrique's works on their office walls.
And I just wanna say, they're doing dogs no favor: "yellow-dog" implied a dog-like loyalty, and fidelity; these 'blue-dogs,' by their behavior, betray an uncharacteristic (for dogs) selfishness.


Mr. Natural said...

I got my own blue fuckin' DOG poster over at my place:

Mr. Natural said...

Thanks for stoppin by! I had never been particularly aware of Blue Dog Democrats before. My little (he's 55) brother just sent me the story I linked to in that post over at Left Edge North, and got me motivated to learn more. In MY mind, they are treasonous to the Democratic ideals. At any rate, I got no use for 'em, and it seems you don't either.