Friday, August 17, 2007

Michael Vick, Dog-Killer: The "He's-Such-A-Sick-Vicious-Sadistic Shitheel" Story Keeps Growing

He is said by his co-accusees to have participated in the "drowning, hanging, an/or shooting" up to 8 animals which 'did not perform' in tests, and as long as 4 years ago, was photographed with his pals with a dog they were entering into a fight.

Michael Vick is toast, folks: There are seven — seven! — witnesses against him, four from the original complaint and the three ex-pals with whom he was charged, and all of whom have pled to various lesser charges... There is expected to be a mountain of forensic evidence, not the least of which are the canine carcasses unearthed at Vick's Virginia property. Dogs can't testify, of course, but imagine the looks on the jurors' faces when they are shown photographic exhibits of the brutalized animals. Or film from a dog fight, featuring one of Vick's dogs. I'd be willing to bet, because these fucking thugs are egotistical assholes as well as sadistic pricks, there are fotos of Vick and his pals KILLING dogs.

Actually, I think Vick should be allowed to play in the NFL this year.
But, when he loses, he should be treated the way he'd treat a dog which lost: drench the pig-fucking sadist with water, attach electrodes to his genitals, and juice his ass til he shits blood.

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