Thursday, August 23, 2007

According to the Shit-For-Brains, Gutless, Chickenshit, Piss-Ant, Soi Disant Chimp-In-Chief

USer troops should STILL be fighting in VietNam.
That's right!
That's what the feculent, posturing, simpering, scampering, foot-stamping little coward told the VFW (or was it the Murkin Leejun) yesterday: Vietnam might be a 'democracy' today if the USofA'd had the intestinal fortitude to keep on killing our kids and theirs for the last 35 years. The gutless,little deserter in effect accuses USers of not fighting well enough, or hard enough, or long enough.
You think I jest? Je?!? Mais, oui, c'est posible! (What I really want to do is rip off his empty fucking head and shit down his throat. As a vet of the war he deserted, I believe I'm entitled.)
But Froomkin jests not.

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