Thursday, August 30, 2007

Neo-Colonialism: The Busheviki Plan

Here's the Busheviki strategy for the Middle East:
As much as possible, stir up sectarian competitions and conflicts among the indigenes.
Enable as much as possible violent strife among them; arm and encourage all parties.
Keep USer Troops in the Region, and use them in civil conflicts to keep the level of bloodshed high and provide stimuli for violent outbursts and conflicts.
Then, when the sectarian and civil conflicts have exhausted ALL the parties, reduced their military forces to impotence, and shattered the governing structures, return with neo-colonialist tools to take over and exploit the resources until they run out.
Wilkommen nach Real-Politik!

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Alexandra said...

Woody, you are so right so often! Reading your stuff is a breath of fresh air to me.