Thursday, August 9, 2007

Nagasaki - - Where America Lost Its Honor

You may believe whatever you wish about the propriety of dropping the Atomic bomb on Hiroshima: Maybe it shortened the war. Maybe it saved American lives. Maybe. We might honestly--and honorably--disagree on the matter.

However the nuclear test over Nagasaki three days later was of another order of reality entirely. It was a war crime, and relegated the USofA into exactly the same class of criminality-against-humanity as the Japanese for the rape of Nanjing or the Nazis for the massacres at Baba Yar in the Ukraine (the Issei/Nissei camps had already too closely mirrored the Nazi social control model for comfort.)

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Anonymous said...

There was no excuse for either of these atrocities. Anyone who says otherwise is 100% FULL OF SHIT.