Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Remember When We Used To Worry About Turning All Our Governmental Business Over To Corporations?

Neither do I. But I mighta been stoned, and missed it. So I'm relying on all y'all.
Does ANYBODY remember the public discussion of the wisdom--to say NOTHING of the propriety--of privatizing essential public services?
It seems to me the most completely ignored story of the last 20 years. There's been more interest in whether Gloria Esteban was fucking contestants.

Well, Jim Hightower took a look at the phenomena. Guess what?

It's already too late for a discussion. The deal's already gone down. The contracts are signed, the money's on the way to the Caymans. The deed is done!

Just outta curiousity: It's my sense that, once privatized, no resource has ever returned to the service of the common weal, afaik. On the same ontological premise, technology never turns back. Anybody got any counter-examples?

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