Saturday, August 18, 2007

"Owning a Business" is not a "Right."

It is a privilege granted to individuals by the culture and society which sustains both the 'bidness' and the social order. Therefore, 'the market' is not the sole,or even the most relevant source of the limitations upon the act of 'doing business,' even though everything possible has been done to sell that pack of lies...

If a business owner does not conduct her or his business in an ethical manner; If they cheat or lie or misrepresent either their products or their 'bidness' practices; If she or he does not pay a living wage to her or his workers with adequate benefits; If he or she does not do EVERYTHING possible to ensure the safety of her or his employees and prevent loss of life or injury, no matter how dangerous the profession; THEN the People, through their representatives in Government, have the right to demand that the business-owner either remedy their breaches of the 'business/social contract,' or fucking CLOSE!

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Anonymous said...

Here's a man who knows nothing about the difference between rights and privileges. Ownership of a business is a property right, it is not a privilege granted by others. Everything else he wrote has to do with whether or not the business owner violates the (negative) rights of others and does not effect his right to ownership.