Friday, August 3, 2007

Congress Is Constitutionally REQUIRED To Investigate Executive Mal- & Misfeasance

They seem to think the matter is optional or voluntary.
It isn't.

Truthout's Executive Director Marc Ash writes:
"We are not a nation of laws, if law cannot be enforced at the highest levels of our government. It's that simple.

Noting the Constitution assigns both the right and the obligation to Congress to intercede when the executive branch violates the law is one thing, asking Congress to actually do it, is apparently, quite another. While it is agonizingly obvious the time has more than arrived for Congress to do what the Constitution mandates, namely rein in a rogue president, such action would be extraordinary nonetheless.

Mounting a serious legal challenge to the executive branch is a daunting task for Congress under any circumstances. However, as the breadth and scope of this White House's transgressions are totally unprecedented, so too is the challenge Congress faces. Never in its history has America been confronted with an executive branch so determined to break every law designed to regulate its conduct."
However, pigs will fucking fly, and the Rio Grande will reverse its course before the cowardly, feckless, gutless, useless, worthless fucks in the Democratic party's so-called 'leadership' do anything about it...

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