Friday, August 17, 2007

‘Behavior Detection Officers’ are now watching passengers’ facial expressions for signs of danger. Some WIERD FUCKING SHIT!

If it were March 31, I'd be REALLY suspicious. Or if The Onion were the source...
But, since it's the middle of fucking August, and the source is McClatchy, I guess this isn't a fucking joke:
By Kaitlin Dirrig | McClatchy Newspapers

WASHINGTON — Next time you go to the airport, there may be more eyes on you than you notice.

Specially trained security personnel are watching body language and facial cues of passengers for signs of bad intentions. The watcher could be the attendant who hands you the tray for your laptop or the one standing behind the ticket-checker. Or the one next to the curbside baggage attendant.

They're called Behavior Detection Officers, and they're part of several recent security upgrades, Transportation Security Administrator Kip Hawley told an aviation industry group in Washington last month. He described them as "a wonderful tool to be able to identify and do risk management prior to somebody coming into the airport or approaching the crowded checkpoint."

The officers are working in more than a dozen airports already, according to Paul Ekman, a former professor at the University of California at San Francisco who has advised Hawley's agency on the program. Amy Kudwa, a TSA public affairs specialist, said the agency hopes to have 500 behavior detection officers in place by the end of 2008.

Kudwa described the effort, which began as a pilot program in 2006, as "very successful" at identifying suspicious airline passengers. She said it had netted drug carriers, illegal immigrants and terrorism suspects. She wouldn't say more.

I can scarcely keep my loathing for the dumb fuckers in the TSA from erupting. So I don't fly anymore.

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Anonymous said...

Just act normal and they won't worry about that THE END IS NEAR sign I carry with me.

from Ruth