Monday, August 6, 2007

A Vick-tory!: At the Lamb, We're Never Sheepish About Tooting Our Own Horn

So tonight I proudly announce the Lamb is ONCE AGAIN # ONE!

We're Number Uno, Nummer Einz...

>Yes, it is true! If I could do screen capture, I'd show it to you!Though, apparently I cannot link directly to the goddam Google page.

The Well-Armed Lamb sits tonight as #One atop a list of 38,000 other sites housing the text string "Michael Vick Dog Fighting Ring", referring the curious reader to my excoriations of the accused sadistic fucknozzle, recommending he be, at minimum, bathed in fresh, hot blood and his genitals be dipped in gravy, and he be compelled to enter a dog-fighting ring himself, to confront and account for--and to--the fruits of his cruelty.
A truly modest, fair, and balanced proposal.

The Spanish, conquering Mexico and Central America, fed their dogs with indigenous children, sometimes live, according to the Franciscan abbe, Bartolomeo de las Casas, who was along for the trip. He was pleading in Spain before a Court of the Inquisition that the Church should grant humanity to the indigenous peoples, who had hitherto been labelled not-human, and therefore liable for any slaughters and maltreatments. This was made mainly necessary to confer humanity upon the mestizo children of the Conquistadors and the indigenous women and girls whom they either raped or seduced.
Invasion and occupation bring out the worst in troops. Has football taken its military metaphors too far?

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