Sunday, June 21, 2009

Was The Man Sen. Ensign "Put Horns On" Pimping His Wife For Profit & Perqs?

That's sure what it looks like.

The Senator was---and unexpectedly confessed to---schtupping the wife of his (former) chief-of-staff and valued religious playmate in the promise-keepers. Ex-CoS Hampton found out, and threatened the Senator with exposure as, if nothing else, a cast-iron, promise-breaching philanderer. Ensign, who was regarded as blandly and uncontroversially stupid enough to be a plausible GOPuke Presidential candidate, apparently caved.

Both the 'cabron' and his son, 'the cabrito," found themselves favored by Ensign and the Nevada GOP with either cash stipends ("cabrito") or high-paying positions with firms connected to State GOP and/or the Sen. himself ('el cabron").

Funny, though, that Ensign still peremptorily confessed even after paying the cuckold's price.

"Blackmail" and "Extortion" are such a nasty words. "Titillation" and "exploitation" are so much nicer: Via the Las Vegas Sun:
The husband of cheating wife Cynthia Hampton, and former senior staffer to disgraced Nevada US Senator John Ensign, Douglas Hampton, is said to have tried to sell his family's story to a major US TV network and cash in on the affair gripping American politics.

News reports from Las Vegas suggest Douglas Hampton tried to exploit his wife, Cynthia Hampton's affair with the powerful Republican Senator by going to the media, before the news was scuttled by a public statement from Senator Ensign saying he had a love affair with Cynthia Hampton, surprising many in Washington DC.

Las Vegas media report that Douglas Hampton is said to have gone to hottie anchorwoman from Fox News channel, leggy blond Megyn Kelly, to help expose Senator John Ensign's “heinous conduct and pursuit” of his wife, Cynthia Hampton.

It seems as though before any news media could expose the Cynthia Hampton and John Ensign love affair, the Republican Senator from Nevada actually held a pre-emptive press conference to confess his extra-marital activities.
Let's just call it "payment for services rendered," shall we?

And when Darlene (Mrs. Ensign, in the foto, left) gets her settlement, I'd be available to help her spend it. She's a pretty woman, from the fotos, though skinny and probably somewhat deprived in the boobage department.

Wouldn't you just LOVE to know what Cindy Hampton, wife and chattel of the CoS, looks like, just for comparison? I'd bet she's got some meat on her, cuz her husband's not (yet) rich enough to ensure "skinny" trophy wives. My guess: fat and ugly. Her husband's no prix d'amour.

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