Thursday, June 11, 2009

"The Only Difference is 8,000 Miles..."

That was Dr. Walter Hern, one of only a handful of late-abortion specialists in the USofA, on the difference between the Taliban in Central Asia and the Anti-abortion movement in the US. He wants "thePrez" to make a statement that "choice" on abortion is a legal right.
I think that the President of the United States has to go on—address the nation—this is a crisis, this is a serious, serious crisis—and make a clear statement that hasn’t been made before by any president of the United States, that women have the right to have a safe abortion; that safe abortion is a fundamental component of women’s healthcare in this country; that doctors should not have to fear for their lives to help women; that the anti-abortion violence and terrorism has to stop, it will not be tolerated; that the people that threaten doctors and threaten women and threaten the clinic workers are terrorists, and they will be brought to justice, and they may not do these things; that the anti-abortion fanatics need to shut up and go home and leave other people alone.
(Like THAT's gonna happen? Bwahahahahahahahaha! St. Barry hasn't got the balls for it; no fuukin way!)

Dr. Hern was a guest yesterday on Amy Goodman's "Democracy Now" broadcast. And he was not circumspect about the threat posed by the "tens of millions of church members" who applaud what happened to Dr. George Tiller, in Wichita, KS, two weeks ago.

Dr. Hern:
...(T)he glee expressed by the anti-abortion fanatics is just grotesque. It’s ghoulish. These people—this is a violent terrorist movement in this country, and the American people need to understand that there’s a great deal more at stake here than the activities of one doctor, of the services of one doctor.

...(A) very highly organized, active, well-armed and well-funded terrorist movement in the country that opposes the basic premises of American society. These people are opposed to constitutional democracy. They’re opposed to the rule of law. They’re opposed to a democratic government, representative government. They’re opposed to basic personal freedom. They’re opposed to thought. And this is a tremendous step backwards.

...And there aren’t enough resources to protect every single doctor. I mean, this is—and I’m very grateful for the federal government’s response to my situation and to protect me and my family, but my family is terrified. We can’t—this can’t go on. There aren’t enough resources, manpower, money to protect every single doctor twenty-four hours a day. That is ridiculous. Just as in the ‘60s, you couldn’t put federal marshals and federal troops around every single black person in the country. We have to have some changes in attitude...

The anti-abortion movement is a terrorist, fascist movement. They do not believe in the rule of law. They reject the rule of law. They’re not trying to change the law through violence. They reject the American Constitution. This is a very dangerous movement.

Acts of violence against clinics, doctors, and staff fell off during the Bushevik years because the Busheviks (appeared to) supported the anti-abortion agenda. Obama is not as explicitly anti-choice (though he's distinctly NOT "Pro-choice"), and so the violence, threats, and activism will grow.

I am objectively pro-abortion: legal, safe, free, on demand, no questions asked. If you oppose abortion, don't have one. Just shut the fuck up and leave people to live their own lives, their own tragedies.


ZIRGAR said...

Well, there's also the difference that the Reich wing imparts onto the situation. Bullshit, of course, but they do have a really good spin machine.

Woody (Tokin Librul/Rogue Scholar/ Helluvafella!) said...

you really have to view the two 'parties' as siblings of the same parents. The Pukes are the 'favored' child, the Dims the weaker of the two. We don't have a politics, we have a sibling rivalry for Mom & Dad's attention (NOT, by the way, the PEOPLE'S attention). When the Pukes dominate the media, and every other thing of power and influence, it's just their way of beating up on the weaker sib...