Monday, June 1, 2009

"It's The Money, Stupid!"

To those folks who 1) thought Obama's popular appeal and citizens' donations "won" the election, or 2) wonder why Obama's privileging the bakksters and butt-fucking the workers, or 3) cannot figure out why Obama swings to far to the right, the answer's in the hed, and here: "The Banks Own Congress"
How much did President Barack Obama receive in contributions from those employed in the financial sector?

$69,823,872 if you include real estate, according to the Center for Responsive Politics. (Sen. John McCain got $60,605,254, with the total between the two exceeding $130 million). (That works out about a dollar per vote, and just about perfectly maps the margin of victory. W)

The biggest donor to the presidential campaigns? The banks. Followed by lawyers and lobbyists, at $95 million. The banking and financial services industry have their own lobbyists, so the total donations of the industry are undercounted.

All told, according to the New York Times, financial sector employees gave $152 million in political donations from 2007 to 2008. Goldman Sachs, Citigroup, JP Morgan Chase, Bank of America and Credit Suisse gave $22.7 million and spent a combined total of $25 million on lobbying activities — in a single year.
For their investments, the same actors have collected over a TRILLION dollars in bail-outs and other considerations. Easy Money!


Dusty said...

Ah Woody, all politicians are bastards..all of them.

kelley b. said...

So when do the idiot banksters finally crash the United States government?

I'll wager the DINOcrats continue to juggle things, but the prolonged Depression nobody in the main$tream acknowledges now will become a banner the Rethuglicans rally around for Jebbie in 2012.

Of course, Jebbie will crash and burn everything- but that will be his excuse for a real old fashioned police state.

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