Wednesday, June 17, 2009

If This WEREN'T "Murka," You'd Probably Figure This Warning Would Be Superfluous

But this IS the USofA, 21 Century version: placid, incurious, lazy, fat, stupid, ill-educated (but highly schooled), compliant, obedient. They need to be reminded, as Skippy, the Bush Kangaroo, expostulates today:
health insurance is not

the same has health care. health care is about treating you...making you better. health insurance is about making money for the company...and letting you die if you are too sick because it would affect their bottom line. you get sick...your insurance company will drop you like a hot some in congress are finding out: investigation by the house subcommittee on oversight and investigations showed that health insurers Wellpoint Inc., Unitedhealth Group and Assurant Inc. canceled the coverage of more than 20,000 people, allowing the companies to avoid paying more than $300 million in medical claims over a five-year period.

it also found that policyholders with breast cancer, lymphoma and more than 1,000 other conditions were targeted for rescission and that employees were praised in performance reviews for terminating the policies of customers with expensive illnesses.

...a texas nurse said she lost her coverage, after she was diagnosed with aggressive breast cancer, for failing to disclose a visit to a dermatologist for acne... latte times
Every expedient now under consideration leaves in place precisely all the faults and failings of the current system. Every single one. Nothing changes. NOTHING. Witness:
...Executives of three of the nation's largest health insurers told federal lawmakers in Washington on Tuesday that they would continue canceling medical coverage for some sick policyholders, despite withering criticism from Republican and Democratic members of Congress who decried the practice as unfair and abusive.-

Are You fucking GETTING it, now, folks? C'mon, you dumb fuckers. Put down the Wii and the fucking pizza, and WAKE THE FUCK UP! It's time for pitchforks, torches, tar, and feathers for these scurvy, scummy motherfuckers!

It's a shuck-and-jive, a three-card-monte game, a fraud. ALL OF IT.

At the end there will be a big parade--think World Championship--with Obama sitting atop the elephant, leading the Circus --the Congress, the CorpoRats, the "Press-- right into your town, proclaiming
"VICTORAY!!!! For The People"

And 'the proles,' the 'drones', the lumpen-menschen, are and will be terrified, and insecure and eager enough to believe ANYTHING, that they'll eat this shit with a fucking SPOON!

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