Thursday, June 18, 2009

A Health Care Double-header

Suzie Madrak's Suburban Guerilla piled insult upon injury this morning, in her usual, cryptic fashion, when she juxtaposed the 'sublime' (Bill Moyers) with the ridiculous rantings of a bunch of senatorial has-beens (the Dole/Daschle/Baker/Mitchell "compromise,") which she quite correctly identified thusly:
As you might expect, it reflects the constant mindset of the Beltway elites. They make a fetish of reaching the lowest common political denominator, rather than advocating for something which actually solves the problem.
That Village-viable political LCD always is that plan which LEAST disturbs the comfortable, profitable status quo, ante.

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A World Quite Mad said...

Half a billion dollars in lobbying money last year!? That makes one ask just how much profit they make off of sickness and death.

And crooks running it all. That's no surprise.

I'm sure I've said this a hundred times, but I'll say it again. We are not living in a democracy. This, my friends, is called a Corporatocracy. It's run by the pharmaceutical companies, the banks, and large companies like Wal-Mart.

And the Conservative bastards who scream about how terrible socialized medicine is, are liars. I have family in the UK, and they can go to any doctor they want, even private doctors, and if they do that, the government reimburses them for a percentage of it, whatever amount would have been paid if they went to a public doctor. It's all lies, which seems to be the core of the Conservative message.

And the Democrats, total FAIL. Such a disappointment. They need to grow a spine and tell these lobbyists to go screw off, but that won't happen. As my dad used to say, money talks and bullshit walks.