Saturday, June 13, 2009

Semi-Meta Analysis: A Commentor's Crie d'Coeur

In a TP thread about the implications of some more information about the memos John Yoo wrote to rationalize and (post facto) legitimize Bushevik torture, murder, illegal detention and other war crimes committed in the name of the "crisis," to which facts it now seems likely he will be called to testify (but which he will no doubt apply himself to the 5th Amendment to excuse his silence), commentor @ 37, pags2 says: ...Can someone please tell me WHY President Obama would want to protect THESE BARBARIC CRIMINALS???

Sez I:

Mainly because he's now of their number. He'll say it is the institution he's protecting. But it's power. Once you have it, you don't give it up.

The facts emerging about Yoo only serve to illuminate what we knew all along: we were living under tyranny, made tolerable by manufactured excesses in fats and credit. the Busheviks TOOK OVER Sept 11, and for all intents and purposes, this was a police state until last Nov., (if not longer. W)

A police state? you say. Surely he exaggerates.

But no. Consider the so-called PATRIOT ACT. Not even the most draconian, authortarian provisions of that abomination have been repealed. It's up for renewal this year, and the Obama regime hasn't yet expressed any misgivings about any parts it would like to see removed or repealed. Two provisions in particular caused concern:
Allowing investigators probing terrorism to seek suspect's records from third parties such as financial services and travel and telephone companies without notifying the suspect. It was criticized as a violation of First Amendment rights.

Permitting roving wiretaps of terrorism suspects. In the past, authorities had to seek court approval for each electronic device carried by a suspect, from a telephone and BlackBerry to a home computer. Under the Patriot Act, one warrant can cover all of these machines.
So far, Attorney General Eric H. Holder has expressed some support for renewing the provisions.<

(Holder seems indisposed to undo any injustices which do not directly relieve former members of the Bushevik regime and its enablers in the GOP of their inconvenient sentences. W)

Nobody with that kind of power will ever voluntarily relinquish it. Happened once in Roman times--a general, Cincinnatus, refused to be crowned Imperator--and once in 1789, when Washington did it. That's it...
Obama's motives may be pure as the virgin snow. But that power is useful in his position. By now it's probably dawned on him that he's a sacrificial beast tossed to the people to efface and erase the unpleasantness that was Bush, in preparation for Bush.3. Obama's the bite of bread you nibble at a wine-tasting to cleanse the palate. The enormity of the challenges--call 'em wha they are: CLUSTERFUCKS!--that are the Reagan/Bush legacy will defeat any effort at amelioration, no matter how compromising, no matter how open-handed, no matter how collegial.

It is necessary that ALL these clusterfucks become OBAMA'S clusterfucks, so that when he fails to clean up the impossible mess, the next wave of the Reagan/Bush crowd will be greeted by an electorate whose palate retains no trace of their prior desecrations and depredations.

And it's working...

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