Monday, June 29, 2009

OOOPS! I Think I Just Let My Voting Registration Lapse

Obama's lickspittles and minions are again playing word games with the Health-Care issue.
In an emailed statement to Bloomberg News, Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius said she’s open to the idea of dropping a public health insurance option in favor of a medical-insurance cooperative. “You could theoretically design a co-op plan that had the same attributes as a public plan,” Sebelius said.
You could theoretically design a plan that looked like a duck too, which had the same attributes--head, beak, wings, webs, quack--as a duck, but yet could neither fly not float. What the fucking fuck!

Whatsoever "plan" ultimately emerges, it will inevitably be shit for citizens.

But whatsoever it is, that gutless, meliorating, incrementalist phuqqer Obama will sign it. And it will be universally greeted as the next best thing to the return of the baby Jeezus!

Not if the Titanic, itself, sailed into NYC harbor will or would there be such outpourings of wonder, such exaltations of miraculous, triumphal rhetoric, such flourishes of Epoch and World-Changing JOY at the wonder of Obama and the Congress.

And it won't mean shit. Can you say "Kahz-Met-Ick?" It will leave the status quo untouched, if not strengthened. It won't even be designed to redress the inequities of Medicare part 5, and/or rescind the Bushevik's deal with the pharmaceuticals that prohibits the government from negotiating the best deal.

Those seem to me to be benchmarks. The 'public option' was ONLY EVER on the table as a cynical negotiating chip a throw-away. That phukker Obama only mentions it so it looks like he's giving something away to the Rightards that he was never going to support in the first place.

After the 'climate bill, and now this, anybody who continues to voluntarily participate in this charade, this extravagant and deadly kabuki, needs their fucking head examined.


Well, I'm gonna shriek and shout and make a goddam fool of myself in public, but I am through with the "process."

Scroom awl...


A World Quite Mad said...

"It's some dock supervisor down at pier 34."
"What's the problem?"
"He says the Titanic just arrived."
"Well, better late than never."

Because if you don't laugh, you'll cry.

You know, the Democrats have always been lacking cojones, but this is all our fault. It's the people's fault, for believing that they'd actually do something useful and in our favor for once.

I'll give you a good analogy, it's like Transformers 2. That movie is a piece of crap, and everyone should have known it would be considering the first one was a piece of crap too and Michael Bay is an idiot, everyone should have known that it could only get worse. But you know, people go to see it anyway, they eat shit up. I've read multiple comments from people on forums saying "If you just don't think about it, it's great." And that right there, that sums up our entire fucking society. People are stupid chattel and like it. And seriously, I don't even know what the answer to any of this is. I don't even fucking know.

Charles D said...

I decided some time ago after reading Dark Ages America that we were truly and irrevocably fucked. Nothing that's happened since, including the ascension of Obama, has changed my mind.

The electoral process is owned by the Wall Street and military-industrial corporate interests and it doesn't matter who we vote for or what party is in power, we get the same shit. The majority of Americans have no clue what's going on, don't care, and don't have the mental capacity or intellectual basis to understand it even if they did give a shit.

The media sure as hell aren't going to inform them, and they aren't going to get their info from the internet unless we find someway to combine progressive news analysis and hard core porn. (Now there's an idea worth pursuing!)

I am over 60 already and just hope Obama can keep his mitts off my Social Security long enough for me to collect a few inflated bucks, but my daughter is graduating college this year and my advice - get the hell out of Dodge. Our economy is going way down and every right-wing wacko in the country has a closet full of guns. It won't be pretty.